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Wildlife and Nature Adventures with Steve

Below are some of my favorite wildlife videos from Earthshine Mountain Lodge and many other interesting places! Click the video to watch the show! Double click to go to my youtube.com site and watch all of my wildlife related videos.

Box Turtles Need Our Help

Box Turtle laying eggs!

Rowdy With Reptiles Part 1: Ratsnake and Snapping Turtle!

Rowdy With Reptiles Part 2: More Ratsnakes !

Rowdy With Reptiles Part 3: Northern Watersnake Encounters!

Outer Banks Wildlife Part 1

Outer Banks Wildlife Part 2

Edisto Island Wildlife Part 1

Edisto Island Wildlife Part 2

Everglades Wildlife Part 1

Everglades Wildlife Part 2

Everglades Wildlife Part 3

Frankie the Opossum part 1

Frankie the Opossum part 2

Frankie the Opossum part 3

Frankie the Opossum part 4

Frankie the Opossum part 5

Another Opossum rescue!

Big Fissure Cave Part 1!

Big Fissure Cave Part 2!

Big Fissure Cave Part 3!

Timber Rattlesnake Research.

Check out Wild Adventures Page 2!



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