DAY 55

Location: ~45' East of day 55 location.

Habitat: Edge. Blackberry/MFR thicket adjacent to gravel driveway across from barn in big curve.

Activity Status: H/I in form buried under grass clump.

Day 55 stats

Date: 09-09-09

Time: 11:45 am

Elevation: ~2999'(GPS)

Temperature: 72.0 F at ground level.

Temperature: 71.5 F 5 feet above ground level.

Temperature of soil @ 5" deep: 65.3

Relative Humidity at ground level: 77.3% RH

Relative Humidity: at 5 feet above ground level: 77.4% RH

Barometric Pressure: 914.9 mbar

Temperature over entire study site: -

Weather: O/C, DSLR: 2.

Winds: Calm.

Other animal activity in area: none apparent.

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