The view from Catherine's hibernation spot.

DAY 32

Location: Catherine is hibernating. She is on a southeast facing slope in the middle of the low ropes course just a few yards above the fire ring in the trail.

Habitat: under a small Mtn. Laurel bush (in the below photo) in a mixed hardwood forest edge.

Activity Status: hibernation. Not visible--buried deep in leaf litter.

Day 32 stats

Date: 12-11-08

Time: 4:45 pm

Elevation: ~2941'(GPS)

Humidity: 69.8% RH

Temperature of soil @ 5" deep: 50.6 F

Temperature: 52.6 F at ground level.

Temperature: 50.5 F 5 feet above ground level.

Temperature over entire study site:

Weather: P/C. DSLR: 1.

Precipitation over last 48 hours: ~6" rain.

Winds: breezy.

Barometric Pressure: 894.6 mbar

Other animal activity in area: none

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