DAY 15:

Location: Catherine has moved ~30 feet west of her day 14 location.

Habitat: Southeast facing slope in huge Blackberry patch beside driveway to Lodge near barn.

Activity Status: head out foraging with half-eaten blackberry dangling from mouth.

Day 15 stats

Date: 07-22-08

Time: 12:00 PM

Elevation: ~3010'

Humidity: 72.8% RH

Temperature of soil @ 5" deep: N/A Equipment malfunction.

Temperature: 78.9 F at ground level.

Temperature: 80.5 F 5 feet above ground level.

Temperature over entire study site: 86.3 F at weather station on lodge.

Precipitation over last 24 hours: .83"

Weather: P/C. DSLR: 0.

Winds: calm.

Barometric Pressure: 914.6 mbar

Moon Phase: 3rd. Qtr.

Other animal activity in area: none

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