DAY 1:

Location: Catherine was found by Sparkie, one of John Rucker's turtle dogs, in the Earthshine Turtle sanctuary on the southeast side of the property.

Activity Status: partially buried in shallow form in clump of tall grass.

Habitat: Grassy field with clumps of thick grasses approx. 15 feet from edge of regenerating forest.

Day 01 stats

Date: 05-15-08

Release time: 11:15 am.

Elevation: '

Humidity: 58.4%RH

Temperature of soil @ 5" deep: 60.8 F

h1 align="center">Temperature: 70.4 F at ground level.

Temperature: 68.1 F 5 feet above ground level.

Temperature over entire study site: F at weather station on lodge.

Precipitation over last 24 hours: 0"

Weather: clear, sunny, DSLR: 4.

Winds: slight SW breeze

Barometric Pressure: 912.8 mbar

Moon Phase: N/R.

Other animal activity in area: none

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