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Thermo, Turbo Calorie Burners ?   

Atkins   Weight Watchers Should you call Jenny? Sugar Busters, Low Carb, Low Fat, Caveman/Paleo, Slim Fast, Zone, Pritikin, Personality Diet, South Beach ?                          GetTheReal Info
The diet/health industry for weight loss is making more than $40 billion per year.  Their profit margin grows every year - just as the national averages for weight increases.  You'd think it would be pretty obvious that these products, pills, plans and programs do not work, but it's an easy thing to buy into when they make it sound like it works.

Anorexia and bulimia are eating disorders, not lifestyle choices. Remember, anorexics do not start out looking anorexic. A person can weigh 300 lbs and still be anorexic.
Bulimics are usually overweight or normal weight.  Bulimia comes in many forms (using purging is not always done!).

Bulimia not what you may think

Anorexia a psychological disorder, not a diet

Binge Eat to death
Quack Watch - Be aware!
FAT does not make you FAT!! Let's put the myths, the hype and nonsense to rest!

Carbohydrates are good things ! There is no reason to see evil in pasta, rice or even a doughnut !

Chocolate is not a health food, but it's perfectly enjoyable and can make you feel better.
Do you think you're hypoglycemic?
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