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Have you ever wondered what goes bump in the night? Ever felt a cold chill, uneasy feeling, or felt somebody was watching you but then realized you were alone? We experienced all of these things, and we made it our personal mission to unravel the mystery. You will never have to wonder about the authenticity of our pictures, because we took them all ourselves. Hopefully with the new members & new hunts we will have updates soon for you!! Check out other pictures on the net, then come take a look at ours. There are some good ones out there, don't get me wrong, but some of these are amazing compared to what you normally see! We creep around at night so you don't have to. The main thing I noticed was on our pictures - there is NO MISTAKE that you are seeing orbs, etc. I see pictures that the owner has had to circle the orb so you can find it. You'll have no problem here. One set of pictures I caught an apparition & chased it around with the camera! (not literally got out of the car & ran after it, this seems to scare them off - but followed its moves with the camera to track it without losing it) Feel free to email me with questions or comments! (Last update 7/20/07)
EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) I'll move this .wav file to the page that has orbs from the same cemetary this EVP came from when it's posted, but go ahead & check it out. You hear Jason saying, "I just don't want to step on nobody, you know what I mean, it'd be kinda creepy" then the next voice you hear is the ghost. I thought he said "creepy" at first, then maybe "could be" like he was answering Jason, but most are convinced it says "help me" - what do you think after hearing it a couple of times? More EVP (creepy laugh) Here's another from a cemetary near Dallas Texas -it is the diabolical laugh I have ever heard! I would probably think it is fake if I were notthe one who caught it. It is hard to hear & it is right at the end of the file - so listen carefully & turn it up as loud as you can ... whew -now that's creepy

Thanks a million to the gurus of ghost hunting at International Ghost Hunters Society who have honored us with this wonderful award - THANKS GUYS! You can check them out at

The apparition

Chasing an orb-see the sequence

Our mission

astronomical orbs, guaranteed to amaze

another very active cemetary

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