Stories There are currently 2 finished comics, 1 that's been started but not yet finished, and 1 whose script is in progress.
Random Oddness Full of junk -- one page comics (I wouldn't exactly call them "specials...") and past poll results. More stuff will be added here (particularly animations).
Character Includes info on the main idyuts of the comic -- Tenji, Shei, Kyrie, Izquierdo and Max. More characters are yet to be added.
Gallery There are currently 12 TM artwork.
Creators Who are these folks who came up with the ludicrous idea of publicizing this disaster of a "manga" online??
Links Read other online mangas that're obviously much better than the one you've just read here.

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UPDATES 12/26/2002 Hope everyone's had a nice Christmas. =) Rachel's eaten a lot at Christmas dinner, and I'm guessing she's too full to work on her part of the manga. (She barely gets to eat during school because of all her honors courses took up her lunch period ~_~ the poor thing) ^_^; I didn't get very many gifts (only 3, at most), but eh, something's better than nothing, and the real joy comes from giving people their gifts and seeing the look on their faces when they find out what you got 'em. =) Anyhoo, one new fanart for TM added in the Gallery, and one new fanart from me also added. The Links section has also been updated (mostly in appearance, anyway) with one new link. We highly recommend it too!!

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