09092004 6:10p.m.
Here is the link to my new website!!! However, it's not exactly a "blog". It's more like a fansite or fanlisting ^^! Also, 1024x768 is required for the best view! Otherwise, you will only see the part of the website! I will try to make another place for the blog or resize the layout, but at this moment, what you see is what you get ^^!

07122004 6:20p.m.
I don't know whether this is a good news or not ^^! But anyway, I have to say it, so you guys can come to my new site ^^! hehe,... Yep ^^! That's right! I have a new site! But it's not really done, yet,... -_-! So, you guys have to wait for a while, but whenever I'm done with the frame works, I will put a link right here! So, you guys better come often! Because I don't even know when I can put a link, and show to you guys ^^! So, I guess I'm not really closing this site! hehe,... ^^! But I'm not going to update my blog anymore ^^! Well, maybe once in while! But not that often ^^! Talk to you guys later ^^!

06172004 4:35p.m.
June 17, 1983!!! Ninomiya Kazunari-sama!!!
Today is Ninomiya Kazunari-sama's Birthday!!!
Well, technically it was yesterday,... Since Japan is located practically the other side of the world that I'm living in! Anyhow, here is my lovely song ^^! Of course, dedicated to Ninomiya Kazunari-sama!
Happy Birthday to You~
Happy Birthday to You~
Happy Birthday Dear Nino~
Happy birthday to you~
Ok~! That will do! hehe ^^!
There are reasons that I couldn't make Nino's huge birthday party of my own on my website T_T! First, I'm not done with my site! And second, I had one of the biggest fights of year 2004 with my sister yesterday. So, I couldn't even celebrate on my blog.
I wouldn't go for detail about fight with my sis, but at the end, we both cried ^^! But damn! I can't believe I cried first x_x! I think it was the first time that I cried before my sis. Because I always believed that if you cry when you are arguing with someone, you will automatically be the loser in that argument! I hate the feeling of defeat even if it's just stupid little girly fight!
But at last I gestured, not said, that I'm sorry for my irresponsible actions and insensitive comments. Yet the bitterness inside me did not subside.
The word is the most powerful source to nurture, heal, and destroy someone at the same time. I learned my lesson. Although I know I would do it again,... After all, I'm only a human with flaws.
The regret is a very poisonous emotion; it warps and distorts every aspect of a man's life until there's nothing left but bitterness and despair. Don't let them make you bitter. Think before you speak.

06132004 11:05a.m.
Lately, I'm actually studying Japanese. But since my school doesn't offer Japanese class, I have to learn by myself. I've always said, "well, I just don't have time! I have homeworks, quizzes, tests, papers, and on top of that I have editorial cartoon, comic strip, and other art to request for my school newspaper to finish!" So, often times Japanese study got pushed over by school works, but school is over for the summer. And for this summer, I might as well master the Japanese ^^! How about that!?! I know that's insane @_@! I need to get a Japanese teacher!

06082004 1:00a.m.
hehe,... ^^! I just updated the layout ^^! What do you think? It's getting really hot in TX, and I'm also in summer break, so I wanted my blog to look something like this ^^! You know the feeling of waking up by the hot summer breeze and bright sun shine on your face kind of thing! Or is it just me ^^!?! Well, my bed is right next to the window! So,... hehe ^^!
Oh! Today I acutally got pushed by a dog -_-! Oh! But before that! We had rain this morning, so it felt really nice to sleep! I just love the sound of rain ^^! Dont'you? Anyway, bts! My sister's dog was sleeping right under my feet, and I couldn't stretch my legs. So, I went to my parent's room to sleep, but then when I was about to fell asleep, my sister and her dog came into the room. Then, they both fell asleep next to me, @_@! So, I had get up, again! hehe,... ^^!
I'm planning to take hip-hop dance class for this summer ^^b Also, I'm studying Japanese ^^! How about you guys ^^!?!

06032004 10:40p.m.
This feeling,... Is that a happiness?
There is nothing to say. Just looking back.

12232003 3:00a.m.
Right now, 3:00a.m.
Listening to J-WAVE, radiostation from Tokyo, Japan.
For once, I don't feel anything. I'm not crying like I usually do at this hour. Is that a good thing? Is that a feeling of "giving up"? What am I suppose to give up? Or should I say, what did I give up? How can I give up on something when I haven't attained anything. I achieved nothing, but mindful regret and fruitless future which I cannot avoid. I just can't control myself. Should I let it go? Should I let go of myself now?

Well, today, 06032004! Again, I don't feel anything,...

06022004 12:25a.m.
Chobits - Let Me Be With You
Futari ga kitto deaeruyouna mahou wo kakete
To make sure the two of us meet, I cast a spell

Ryoute wo sotto kasanetehora hohoemukara
Our hands are gently touch, and then look at me smile

Honto no kimochi kitsukanai furishite
We pretend not to realize how we really feel

Totsuzen futari koi ni ochitano
And suddenly, we fell in love

Let Me Be With You
Let Me Be With You
Let Me Be With You

I want to hold you tight

Imamade zutto ienaimama kakushitetano
Until now, unable to say it, I've just been hiding it

Tsuyogatteru soredakenano mitsukedashite
I'm only acting strong, that's all it is, please see through it

Machiawasemade atogofun mattete
Just wait five more minutes until we can meet

Sonoatofutari koi ni ochitano
And after that we fell in love

Let Me Be With You
Let Me Be With You
Let Me Be With You

I just want to cry

Tsunaidate wo sotto hanasutoki
When we let go our joined hands

Fuan ni naruno Fuan ni naruno
It makes me uneasy It makes me uneasy

Let Me Be With You
Let Me Be With You
Let Me Be With You

I just want to hold you

I just want to hold you

I love this song ^^! Don't you ^^!?! Also, the anime is really cute, too ^^!
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