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"Classical music is the music composed in the Western Hemisphere over the past few hundred years. It is generally composed for an orchestra or combination of orchestral instruments, keyboards, guitar, or voice."

"Classical music is one of the few living arts. It continues to exist by being constantly re-created, live, before an audience. Unlike the visual arts, classical music envelops you in real time and comes to life before you; unlike literature or theater, it can be understood equally by speakers of any language--or no language; and unlike dance, you don't need to look good in a leotard to perform it."

"Until very recently, people didn't make such big distinctions between "popular" and "classical" music. In the 1700s and 1800s, it was all just music, and people loved it. People would go to the latest performance of a symphony, concerto, song cycle, or opera just as you might go to a rock concert today--to have fun! They were enticed by the prospect of seeing their favorite stars, schmoozing with their friends, and hearing their favorite tunes. They came in casual clothes; they brought along food and drink; they even cheered during the show if the spirit moved them. Classical music was pop music"

Classical Music for Dummies by David Pogue and Scott Speck Page1-2.

The authors of the above quote insist that classical music is as entertaining as it ever was. They also say that classical music just isn't as familiar. They also go on to say that the more you learn about classical music, the more enjoyable it becomes. I must agree. They also go on to say that you will not like every single piece of classical music you hear. There are still some pieces that I don't like at all. Some classical music has beautiful melodies. Some pieces don't seem to have any melody at all. Some pieces appeal to the emotions more strongly than others will. You just need to explore this world for yourself. The authors of Classical Music for Dummies recommends that if one piece really appeals to you, then listen to other pieces like it or other pieces by the same composer.

Four years ago I developed a love for classical music. I had always been interested, but I knew nothing about it. One day I happened across a CD named The Idiot's Guide to Classical Music from RCA Victor. This CD features the greatest and most recognizable themes in classical music. This is where I started. After listening to this CD many times, I finally rated each song on the CD from 1-10. I put a 10 beside the songs I had to own and 1 by the songs I hoped to never hear again. Afterwards I took the booklet that comes with this CD to the library. There I would check out CD's that featured whatever piece or composer I was interested in. After a few months doing that. I started buying what I liked. I still use the library to decide what I want to buy. The library's CD collection gives me a chance to explore new composers or new pieces of music. I would strongly suggest that anyone with a budding interest in classical music but no knowledge begin this way. Now I buy CDs of certain composer’s that I love. For example I am working on owning everything Beethoven wrote. Sometimes I just decide that I don’t have very much by this or that particular composer and when I find something of his on sale, it comes home with me. I have found many treasures that way. I am addicted.
I am still learning about classical music all of the time and there is a lot more for me to learn. I like to read the inside covers of the CD’s I buy. I also read old textbooks from music appreciation classes. These can be found in used bookstores, flea markets, and garage sales. The more I learn the more pleasure I get from this music and the more I understand the great genius behind these compositions.
The most important thing is that you do begin. This music has endured for centuries and will endure for many more. It is time you and your family discovered why for yourselves. Explore this web site, get the library, and start your own voyage of discovery. All you really need to do is begin.


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