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"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding" Proverbs 3:5

Trusting in the Lord is something that I heard about all during my childhood, and at the time it seemed a matter of simplicity itself.  I trusted that the Lord would make a way, and He always did.  Even during the roughest periods we had food on the table and clothes on our backs.  It wasn't hard for me to do that at all, I didn't question that there was any other way.

Of course, my "trust" also had the physical form of my parents.  No doubt it was much easier to trust in the Lord, because I had two parents that were the "physical evidence" of my trust.  Trusting in God took the form of leaning on them.  If I was hungry; I went to the them and asked for food, simply trusting I would receive.  If I was sick, I let them know, and they had a special way of making me feel better.  I was always taught that it was God that provided, and I did believe that, but I always had my parents to lean on.

Yet, we all grow up.  As we do, trusting in the Lord takes on a whole new meaning.  Often it means "blind faith", trust that stems from reading and studying our Bible, a sense of right and the knowledge of what should be done. When we only have "it is written" to stand on that has to be enough.

As Jesus was tempted in the desert by the devil, we can read an example of "ultimate" trust in God.  What strikes me as I read this passage, is that Jesus Himself did not just say "No I won't," He used scripture.  It wasn't a new revelation either, it was just the "it is written" kind of passages.  The same kind we have every time we come up against a new trial.  God is not going to write a new chapter for us to stand on, He expects us to use what has already been given. Just like Jesus, we have to trust in the Lord with all of our heart and say "It is written".

As we trust in the Lord, we must be so careful not to lean to our own understanding.  We can't attempt to interpret the reasons behind all the things we must do.  Trying to figure out God just leads us in the wrong direction.  We can actually begin to "do the right things for all the wrong reasons."

Evidence of this abounds in today's society.  How many Christians have went out and bought books that tell them why God desires for all of us to be rich and prosperous in this world?  These books use "it is written" but they are leaning on their own understanding.  They interpret what God must have meant and piece together scriptures that fit into their puzzle.  In their own minds they reason that God certainly would not desire for His people to have any need in this world.  Of course, God would want us all to be wealthy, right?

So, the bookshelves are full of man's attempt to decide what God wants. Based on this reasoning it all seems perfectly acceptable.  Yet, that is not the instructions that we have received. We are to trust God with all of our hearts, and lean not unto our own understanding.

How many millions of Christians have reasoned themselves into the full pursuit of worldly wealth and convinced themselves it is an order from God?  Yet, the scripture says "I will leave in the midst of thee an afflicted and poor people." Zephaniah 3:12  There is no room in their Utopia for a poor people kept for God.  Unwittingly they despise any that have the earmarks of poverty.  And in this, they may well be hating some of the very children of God and becoming the problem rather than the solution.

I am not preaching that Christians must be poor.  I am preaching that we must trust in the Lord with ALL of our hearts and lean not unto our own understanding.  There is a way to trust God completely.  Not to begin to doubt if there is no money to pay the light bill.  Not to wonder if God is still there when our health begins to fail.  But to trust "it is written" and let that guide our existence. 

If we approach this as a child, leaning on their parents, it is the easiest and most natural thing we will ever do.  If we approach this as an adult, trying to figure out what is best, it will be the hardest thing we have ever done.  Faith is up to us.  God gives us that measure and allows us to let it grow.

Do I trust God completely?  No.  I have many sleeplessness nights of worry that are the proper evidence of my failings.  Yet, somehow we must.  We must become that child that finds trust to be simplicity in itself.  No wonder those with this type of trust will be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

We have to stand for what is written, chose the right over the wrong, and not try to figure out why along the way.  Simple? Yes.  Hard?  Yes.  I suppose you can say it is something we must do that is Simply Hard.
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