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To My Home
   I live in a small town with my husband, two cats and about a hundred chickens.
  Chickens are one of my husbands hobbys.
  He gardens and raises chickens .
  I preserve the fresh fruits and vegetables by canning and freezing and I have fresh eggs daily.
  Both of us are collectors of all sorts of things.
My Husband collects.....
  Old cars galore , his most recent added to his collection are two 1928 Dodge Brothers he has dreams of restoring someday along with all the many other projects he has planned that he may finish someday if he lives to be as old as Methusala..
  I collect old bottles and teapots and pitchers with bowls , milk cans and all sorts of things. I see something I like at an auction or yard sale I grab it to bring home to sit with my other itemsI collect them because I like them..A real collector would probably  have a good chuckle at some of the things I hold valuable .
   This site is about me
   The thing I love to do most is collect antiques  and  cook. My husband grows a huge garden each year , which produces more than two people could ever eat and I do alot of home canning. .I have recipes from way back to 1800's including homemade cheeses ,  biscuits , breads and desserts of all sorts . I love old cookbooks , I collect them for that hard to find or forgotten recipe. I have a lot of respect for the women that cooked all day , from scratch on a woodstove back in the olden days. They certainly had a full time job in the kitchen with none of  our modern conveniences..
   I certainly appreciate the conveniences of today when you realize what they went through to prepare a meal for their families.
  I have been called a bit old fashioned and a good 'ol country girl but I have my limits. I find it interesting and feel cooking from scratch is a lost art ,just like the beautiful quilts they made by hand.                              I have cooked on a wood stove just to try it, to see if I could but I certainly wouldn't want to have to live like that everyday.
   I intend to add a section for recipes to share , maybe  even allow you to submit some of your favorites that you would like to share with full credit to you or in memory of someone who either loved or prepared the dish & perhaps offer your own suggestions , ideas , and tips. . These are the things I like to do and the kind of person I am ....

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