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Suzanne's Web Graphics - Celtknot

  Welcome to the second contribution to my collection of complete sets of graphics for web page design - Celtknot. You are free to download and modify the graphics for your own use, so long as the site is personal or non-commercial. I would also like to link sites made with my graphics to this site - please mail me.

 You can download any of the images from this page on to your own computer by clicking on them with your right mouse button and choosing 'Save image as...'. Apple Macintosh users should keep the mouse button held down on the image and choose 'Download image to disk'.
To save time, you can download the whole set in a single zipped file by clicking here (39K). The zipped file has a sample web page, a full set of buttons, and some suggestions for text and link colours.

 Please copy the images on to your server and don't link them back to this site from your own page. It slows down the loading of your page, and if I shift or rename the images your page will have broken images on it.

 The graphics in this web site were constructed with the assistance of Knotwork 2.3 by Steven Abbott, a Celtic knot design program. The font I have used on the buttons is called American-Uncial, which can be downloaded free from Fontastic. (The address is also in the zip file.)

 You can see how this set looks on a 'real' web page here.

Some other graphics from this set...


Download this set


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Created: 29 May 1999 
Last modified: 29 May 1999 

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