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Bordered Backgrounds

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Welcome to my (as yet small) collection of backgrounds for web pages. You are free to download these images and to modify them for your own use. If you do use them on your page, a link back to me at <> would be nice. All designs remain © 1999-2000 .

You can download any of the images from this page on to your own computer by clicking on them with your right mouse button and choosing 'Save image as...'. Mac users should keep the mouse button held down on the image and choose 'Download image to disk'. Background images are saved by clicking on them with your right mouse button and choosing 'Save background as...'
Please copy the images on to your server and don't link them back to this site from your own page. It slows down the loading of your page, and if I shift or rename the images your page will have broken images on it.


There are two main types of background - bordered, which has a band of patterning along the left-hand side of the page, and tiled, which repeat a small image over and over again to give a solid, seamless look.

Bordered Backgrounds

These are abbreviated samples, cut to display properly on the page. You should download them by clicking on the image, which will take you a sample page showing how the background looks (and giving you some hints on how to work with bordered backgrounds). Then right-click with the mouse and choose 'Save Background as'. If you download the images straight from this sample list they will not be wide enough to work as a background on a web page.









Blue margin






Deep Blue




This rainbow image is available with the stripes running vertically (as here) or horizontally:



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Last modified: 15 March 2000 

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