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Suzanne's Web Graphics - Background 14

This background was made with an image generated by Reptile, an excellent freeware program for creating textured and graded backgrounds. It comes with plenty of built in templates to get you started.

If you use a dark-coloured background like this one, you will need to change the text and link tags in the BODY tag to make the page readable. Don't forget to choose a similar colour for the background colour, so that the page will still be readable if the viewer has images turned off.

I've used <BODY TEXT="#FFFFFF" BGCOLOR="#660000" LINK="#66CCFF" VLINK="#CC99CC" ALINK="#FF6666">unvisited link and visited link.

Please copy the images on to your server and don't link them back to this site from your own page. It slows down the loading of your page, and if I shift or rename the images your page will have broken images on it.

Let me know what you think – fill in my feedback form!

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Created: 3 June 1999 
Last modified: 3 June 1999 

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