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Map of Cuninghame
The Cunninghamhead branch of the Cunynghame family (also spelt Cuninghame or Cunningham) stayed close to the medieval family seat of Kilmaurs, in the district of Cuninghame in Ayrshire, Scotland.

The main source for this line is a genealogy drawn up by the antiquary Robert Mylne, published as part of the introduction to the diary of William Cunningham of Craigends, 1673–1680 (see sources).

1. Sir William de Cunynghame of Kilmaurs; married Margaret de Danyelston or Denniston, elder daughter and co-heir of Sir Robert. William died after 1404.

2. William Cunynghame of Bonnalay; married ?? Ross.

3. Robert Cuningham of Bonnalay, 1st Laird of Cunninghamhead; married ?? Douglas, the heiress of Cunninghamhead.

Map of CunninghamheadCunninghamhead, situated only a few miles west of Kilmaurs, came into this branch of the Cuninghame family in this generation when Robert married the heiress of that estate. From that time on, the head of the family was known as the Laird of Cunninghamhead.

4. William Cuningham, 2nd Laird of Cunninghamhead; married a daughter of the Laird of Langlando.

5. William Cuningham, 3rd Laird of Cunninghamhead; married a daughter of the Laird of Langlando.

The relationship between William's wife and his mother is not certain, and there may be confusion in these two generations. Langlando, also spelt Lenglando or Glanglando, has not been identified.

6. Robert Cuningham, 4th Laird of Cunninghamhead; married Margaret Moir, the Heiress of Pokellie.

7. Sir William Cuninghame, 5th Laird of Cunninghamhead; married Lady Isabel Cunningham of Glencairn.

The identity of William's wife is not entirely certain – she may have been confused with her sister Elizabeth, who married John Cunningham of Caprington.

8. John Cuninghame, 6th Laird of Cunninghamhead; married (1) Elizabeth Boyd, daughter of Robert, 4th Lord Boyd and Marion Colquhoun; married (2) Barbara Lawder, daughter of the Laird of Haton.

9. John Cuninghame, 7th Laird of Cunninghamhead; married Mary Edmonstoun, daughter of Sir James of Duntreath.

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