Shai's Scream Queens
Scream Queens are the key ingredient in all low budget films.  Well, those that I like anyways.

Normally a 'Scream' Queen' is an actress who has been in low budget horror films for the majority of her career.

These days it seems that every new actress in low budget film is calling themself a Scream Queen.  I feel that an actress has to get a large enough film history in the genre before they can call themselves that.

Anyhow, gratuitious violence & nudity!  That's my kinda movie!
Linnea!  Brinke! & Michelle!
This is my tribute to my favorite film beauties.  Young or old, popular or not, I will be listing them here.  Why?

Well, I hate using the search engines over and over again so feel this is a cool way to keep them listed for me, and to share to you.

There are also some cool links to b-movie resources below as well.
Michelle Bauer
Lana Clarkson
Ami Dolenz
Lydie Denier
Kelli Maroney
Misty Mundae
Debbie Rochon
Charlie Spradling
Brinke Stevens
Venesa Talor
Scream Queen (formerly Horror Hottie Of The Month)


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