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January 21, 2003- New profile section and Story!


Ok, here's where I lay down a good horror story, Serena style because there is ALWAYS something worth telling about because Serena is a disaster magnet. Here's the latest,

Yesterday, I came home, threw my coat on a chair, and proceeded to my room as usual to slip into my sweatpants. Upon entering, something stood out amongst the usual mess. My shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion were everywhere! The bottles were completely mangled and there was a huge mess all over the carpet. My roommate, Sandra owns a cat, so I went looking for it. The cat was asleep on the sofa, so, I picked it up and there were no signs of my products on it! It was not sick at all and her paws didn't smell like fruit and coconut. The cat was in the clear. I threw her back onto the sofa and when I returned to my room to clean up, I heard the most DISGUSTING squeaky, growly, moany sound coming from the corner of my room with my giant pile of dirty clothes. I cringed, and pulled the clothes aside. There, in MY ROOM was a bag, fat, nasty RACCOON, sitting in a puddle of his own vomit, reeking of my shampoo. I guess he was attracted to the mango and coconut extracts in it. I didn't know what to do, so I called the Animal Rescue people to come and get him. They said it was good that he was throwing up and to leave him alone until they came to get him. I couldn't touch him in case he had rabies or something. So, a couple of guys came, caught him, and cleaned up the mess for me. It turns out that the old woman downstairs, who is nearly blind, let the thing in the night before, thinking it was the cat. That shampoo was expensive, too :(

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Anyways, I built this place to express my opinions and lead you to cool places. Let me start off by saying that I'm a Street Fighter FANATIC! There ain't many of us gals in the buisness, but the few that are are absolutely out of their skulls, as you will soon learn. I'm also a big fan of Lara Croft and Antinio Sabato Jr. My #1 love is Street Fighter. In case you didn't know, Street Fighter is the best fighting game series in all creation. My favorite character of all time is Chun-Li. Chunny is this kick-ass babe with all kinds of cool moves and stuff. She's the strongest woman in the world and has been my hero since SF2 came out. As a kid, I went out on Halloween as Chun-Li a few times and last year, I attended a Halloween party as Chun-Li. My mommy made my costume :). Anyway, back to my unhealthy obsession with a fictional character, half the time, my hair is up in 2 buns and once, I broke my nose while doing one of her kicks.

Anyway, on to my opinions. Hentai is an issue that has recently been brought up in my conversations. Hentai is anime porn. I have no problem with porn at all, in fact, I own quite a collection. Hentai is different, though. It's some fantasy stuff created by the artist, which means that things could get ugly, as in blood and guts. For me, gore and sex don't mix. Slice me with a switchblade, baby! Oh, look, I'm bleeding to death, I'm so aroused! Give me a break, man. Anime in itself is absolutely ridiculous, with exaggerated faces, sweatdrops you could drown in, super-shiny hair that you could never get without expensive hair products, etc. These things, combined with porn makes for something so silly, it's really more amusing than arousing. I don't get off on hentai, I can't. Believe me, I've tried. One time, I saw this picture of my poor Chun-Li fingering herself in the shower. Her eyes were crossed, her mouth was twisted, and her nipples were about the size of the shower head. I almost wet myself laughing. How could anyone think this is sexy? That's beyond me. Many otaku(anime fans) get all upset and worked up over hentai.

See what I mean? Lara is obviously the one in the middle. That's an official picture of her topless and it's actually very tasteful. She's a bad girl, you can tell, but she's not showing everything. Just enough to get us worked up. I think pretty girls should show off what they have, but do so without looking cheap. Sometimes, I go too far, but most of the time, I think I hit it right on the nail. Granted at school, it's sweatshirts and jeans for me, but on weekends and during summer, I dip into the wardrobe that I've spent years collecting. Clothing is an art. The ability to match, color coordinate, combine textures, and accessorizing are important in the process. Lara dresses like a boy with her baggy pants, big boots, tank tops, and other things, but somehow, she makes it look good and nobody's ever mistaken her for a man. Chun-Li is a girly girl, with skirts and dresses, makeup , hairdo's, and other such things. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. I am a tomboy. I used to run around beating boys up, wearing muddy overalls, and cutting my hair short. Muddy overalls will only get you so far in high school, especially in New York, which is where I originated. Eventually, I started to dress like a girl and when I started playing Street Fighter and liking Chun-Li, I started to look like a sissy. Of course, I'm still a boy at heart and I think like a guy, straightforeward, logical, no bullshit. I speak from experience that the sayings about a guy's mind being between his legs are so true, because sex on the brain is not unusual for me. I'm not a whore or anything, I just want to smack whoever said sex was a shameful sin and should not be talked about, acknowledged, or even practiced.

Another issue: The butchering of Chun-Li Xiang. My favorite character has seen her tough times, but these are the times that try men's souls! ! Chun-Li started out as this gorgeous knockout with amazing fighting abilities. She ruled Street Fighter and Capcom with an iron foot; until recently. Chun-Li has seen many forms, starting with Street Fighter II , which had Chun-Li as nothing less than perfect. The Alpha series came along, putting Chun-Li in some kind of leotard and EXTREMELY muscular. If the games goes back in time, shouldn't she have LESS muscles? Anyway, this was the introduction to Thunder Thighs Chun-Li. Luckily, her fighting rocked in the Alpha series. Then came SFEX, Marvel VS Capcom, X-Men VS Street Fighter, and so on until 3rd strike. Chun-Li has taken on such a...big body. In some cases, folks, the reality is that big is not always beautiful. She's not fat, just WAY too beefy. I don't know about you, but I like my girls to have a nice, feminine look to them. Not to mention, her eyes are starting to look like those of a guinea pig. I wouldn't mind all of this had Capcom left her with some strength. She has gone so downhill in the fighting area, it's sad. She has lost speed, her combos suck, and her regular moves pack absolutely no power, ESPECIALLY in the VS games. The other day, I was talking to a guy at Electronics Boutique and he called Chun-Li MEDIOCRE !!!! That's whre I draw the line folks. Recently, I saw some pics from Capcom VS SNK and Chun-Li was absolutely beautiful. I'm hoping that her new old look is here to stay because I still love Chun-Li and I want to see her go back to being the kickass chick that I know she is.

Does anyone here like the SFEX series? It seems to be like the black sheep of the Street Fighter games! It offers NOTHING as far as the storyline goes. The fighters just remain at a complete standstill in their lives and just kick the living hell out of each other for no reason at all. All of this could be overlooked if they were actually good games! Don't get me wrong, I play them, as I play ANYTHING bearing the name "Street Fighter", but compared to the rest of the series, it's just not up to par. Lots of people say it was a mistake for SF to go 3D, but the fact that the game is 3D is NOT the root of the problem!! It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the gameplay because the characters handle like 2D characters. It's just...a boring game. There needs to be something to liven the game up (possibly a storyline) and the great graphics in EX3 definately help, but the whole series is missing something. Capcom went half-assed at making the game. They are scared to death of the fans (SF fans are quite vicious when cornered) and they would NEVER make SF4 a 3D game for fear of *gasp* negative response! I think they should just take the plunge and take their time and make a high-quality, interesting, gorgeous game BURSTING with plot progression and maybe, just maybe they can blow Tekken right out of the water.

So, after all my babbling, here are my links to some awesome Street Fighter sites. Enjoy them and tell them Serena sent you.

Street Kombat Raiders
This is my absolute FAVORITE site ever. It's so funny and it has great galleries, bios, plenty of things to play with, and the webmasters are nice people. It revolves around Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and my dear Tomb Raider.

Formerly known as Gilgamesh's Ultimate Chun-Li page, Kikouken.com offers some great things for Chun-Li fans. Watch out for the Diva, Gilgamesh. He likes to throw hissy fits.

The CG Shrines
Pictures of just about every anime chick ever. TONS of galleries, hentai included, for those who skipped my hentai editorial.

Sailor Pluto's Street Fighter Hangout
I met this girl at Street Kombat Raiders and she was an absolute sweetie. She's the craziest little lesbian girl I know. Her site is fabulous, with lots of big, rare pics from SF and Sailor Moon. This one is worth bookmarking.

This site rocks almost as much as Cammy herself!

Visions Of Lara Croft
This site is very complete, with a bio, oodles(I've been dying to use that word)of pictures and other good Lara things.

Paul Soth Speaks
Paul talks about hentai and shares some of my views on it. He's a cool guy, so check out what he has to say.

Sephiroth's Street Fighter Lair
This site is brand-new and absolutely gorgeous! It has lots of cool pics, great fanfics, and Sarah Amaya is the very nice girl who created it all.

Sonic Hurricane!
A nice site about Capcom vs. SNK2 revolving around Guile with some cool pics and media files!! A must-see for all Guile fans.

Fighter's Generation
A COMPLETE archive of EVERY fighting game character known to man!! And get this: there's pics of them all! What are you still here for? Go get some pics of some rare characters!

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Well folks, that's all for now. I'll add more as I find the most worthy sites to add to my collection. Thank you very much, and have a nice day.

PS:You can mail me if you want to, but this is not a personals page, so I don't want any "I'm 6'2, buff, and like long walks on the beach" crap. Give me some credit here. Mail me only if you want to talk about the content of my page, comment on it, tell me about broken links or images, or just to tell me I'm pretty ;)

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