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I also changed the guestbook. Please don't forget to sign.


This site is dedicated to all Starcraft® and Starcraft Broodwar® Filipino fanatics out there. This site is for you!
Here you can join the
War Zone, wherein you can find the list of the finest strategist in this land and they are all waiting for you!
You must submit your name, modem number and other information to join this zone.

Count your winnings and maybe you will be the next Brood Ranked Number ONE!


$&@ UPDATE INFO!!! $&@
01/24/2001 - 3 New Files for download. (Starcraft Patch v1.07, Broodwar Intro.MP3 & Radio Free Zerg.MP3).
01/13/2001 - 10 New Players Added; link to the official Starcraft FAQ; Starcraft Sound Editor for download.
05/09/2000 - 12 New Players Added.
01/02/2000 -
11 New Players Added; Broodwar Patch v1.07 added for download.
09/28/99 -
5 New Players Added.
08/19/99 -
5 New Players Added; Broodwar Patch v1.05 added for download.
- Rankings Revised;
04/03/99 - Rankings Revised; 2 new Screensavers added for download; Update Notes added;1 broken link fixed.

For any comments, suggestions & questions, you can e-mail the warmaster at

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All Rights Reserved.

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