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Welcome! to my Tribute to that "Bad Boy" of Baseball, Atlanta Braves closer John Rocker. I decided since there we're only negative sites out for him, I would create a fun and positive site for his fans to come and find info, quotes, pictures, links and much more.

I know some of you maybe asking, Why on earth would you want to create a page for John Rocker? Well.... besides the fact that he has the most beautiful blue eyes, or the cutest smile, or the sweetest southern accent. John is a VERY talented ball player and should not be judge by a mistake but on his ball playing ability.

My reason for creating this page was to show Rocker my support. It is human to make mistakes and John is human. We've all said and done things we've regretted. It's time for everyone to forgive and forget. It's time for the media to just BACK OFF and let John concentrate on what he does best, saving the game.

UPDATED: September 14, 2000
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