Salvia Divinorum Crusaders of Australia
Australian Salvia Divinorum Crusaders
Salvia Divinorum Australia Salviacrusaders

Salvia Crusaders Of Australia

Crusading For The Freedom To Use Salvia Divinorum In Australia


Salvia Divinorum Trip Reports

Salvia Crusaders

Heading Salvinaut Key words/Events Date Notes

Shayman's First
Shayman 1st time / what was "it"? / others there / the membrane July-02-2003 Yes

Shayman Me a naughty boy / Lady Sage gets out her paddling stick July 2003 No

Shayman deep space, star grids, elf, possessing myself on return Aug-2nd-2003 Yes

Street Party
Mr S. Lady Sage Takes Mr S. to a street Party Oct-3rd-2003 Yes

Team 102
Shayman, Swampy & Mawk The three crusaders together in Salviaspace September 2003 No

TV World
Mawk entering a sort of TV world January 2004 No

Naming Mawk
Shayman One cone too many, Mawk gets his name January 2004 No

Genie's Second
Genie Back in time January 2004 No

Submited by Other Salvianauts

Heading Salvinaut Key words/Events Date Notes

On Fairytale Hill
SS 1st time / vaporiser /Gingerbread man / Elves & Dwarves 2004 No

The beings of Wonderland
SS 2nd time / torch vs normal lighter / a school a camp and small wooden cabin 2004 Yes

The expirences of a Salvia Divinorum induced hallucination can be so bizar at the time that it does not make a lot of sense to the Salvianaut.

We have found that it pays to write a report with as much information about the experience as soon as possible after each trip. By doing this we are then able to better understand the "meanings" or the relationship of the trip with our normal 3D lives.

We have found that usually after a time (sometimes weeks) a purpose of the trip is revealed. Sometimes it is highly personal, sometimes it is a "message" for another.

We have placed some of these reports here for you to browse through and make up your own mind about them.

These ARE REAL experiences!

Although some of the reports read like fantacy, they are actual experiences of Salvia Crusader Members and guests.


For even more Salvia Divinorum experience reports see
The experience vault at





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