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Miscellaneous / Stuff

Take a break from all the serious Salvia Divinorum Information and have a little fun with us.
On this page you will find a few little gems we have found interesting and we would like to share them with you.

The Salvia Divinorum Exhale View Demo

Description: Desktop Toy / Eye Candy (5second screen display)
This little application will give you a few seconds of the view you *might* see during the oncoming of a Salvia Divinorum Trip.

We find this to be one of the best visual displays that describes the sensation of the visual distortion experienced when Salvia is beginning to have an effect on the user.

Click the Salvia Leaves or File Name to Download (8.36 KB (8,567 bytes))

(original source - Unknown)

The "F" Word

This is an hilarious audio file about the "F" word, so many people find either usefull or offending.

This recording highlights the many uses of the word, see for your self

Right Click the Salvia Leaves or File Name and choose "Save As" to Download


(original source - Unknown)

©OS 012 (version 3.0)

©OS 012 is an Operating System for the Human Being and is a very simple and very powerful formula and concept to understand.

©OS 012 allows you to increase your intelligence as you see fit.

See for yourself. You must prove ©OS 012 to be true or false for yourself for certain.

©OS 012(v.3.0)

We have reformatted the entire ©OS 012 documents and placed them on our website for the benefit of the entire Human Race.

[ Click HERE to DOWNLOAD ©OS 012 (Version 3.0) NOW! for FREE! OS 012 ]

(this is a Text document for the mind not a computer program)

Current Moon Phase

Updated every 4 hours, courtesy USNO

(Source : )

Check out the Moon Calender

S o l a r A c t i v i t y M o n i t o r

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

Solar X-rays
Active: Solar X-ray flux is active (>= 1.00e-6 W/m^2)
Status=M Class Flare
M Class Flare: An M Class flare has occurred (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-5 W/m^2)
Status=X Class Flare
X Class Flare: An X Class flare has occurred (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-4 W/m^2)
Status=X Class Flare
Mega Flare: An unprecedented X-ray event has occurred (X-ray flux >= 1.00e-3 W/m^2)
Geomagnetic Field
Quiet: the Geomagnetic Field is quiet (Kp < 4)
Active: the Geomagnetic Field has been unsettled (Kp=4)
Storm: A Geomagnetic Storm has occurred (Kp>4)
( Source )


In Case You didn't visit the Essays page
Here is the complete Book By the Late D.M.Turner all about
Salvia Divinorum



Salvinorin - The Psychedelic Essence of Salvia Divinorum

mirrored here in its entirety on the
Salvia Crusaders Website


The Science Of Getting Rich (E-Book) (1910)

Although the title looks like another "Get Rich Quick" scheme it is actually far from it

This FREE E-book, originally written in 1910, is all about the Magic of the "Stuff" which affects "Everything".
It does not attempt to name what the "Stuff" is or even where it comes from - though it has incredible information how to use the "Stuff" to your's and other people's advantage.

Do not miss this great opportunity - It's FREE - Why not have a look at it -
you can always delete it later if you do not find it your "cup of tea".

:Click on the Banner or the link below it to get your copy of "The Science Of Getting Rich"

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The Science of Getting Rich E-book


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