Salvia Divinorum Crusaders of Australia
Australian Salvia Divinorum Crusaders
Salvia Divinorum Australia Salviacrusaders

Salvia Crusaders Of Australia

Crusading For The Freedom To Use Salvia Divinorum In Australia


The Salvia Crusaders of Australia

The Salvia Crusaders is a group of close friends that accidentally stumbled across one of the world greatest power herbs – Salvia Divinorum and liked what we found. We were shocked by its power and our lives have been positively transformed by it as a result.

When we first discovered it as “Diviners Sage” we simply expected that as it is a variety of sage, a common plant and cooking herb, it would be legal to use possess or manufacture. We were wrong.

It was not until performing an Internet search in order to find out more about it that we also discovered that it was in fact illegal in Australia and had been so for about a year. What surprised us the most was that nobody seemed to know this and the more we researched the more deceit we uncovered.

We have decided to something about it – hence this Website.

Salvia Divinorum needs a champion in Australia and we are its Crusaders for Justice. Thankfully we are not alone.

We call for all bans on Salvia Divinorum in Australia to be repealed immediately.



Our first Objective for putting this site together was to create a repository for our recorded experiences and theories. To share them with others who may be interested in Salvia Divinorum use and with those who already use it. Once we found more information about Salvia Divinorum and that it was banned in Australia both why and how, our website took another turn.

Another objective is to give peace of mind to those who would oppose the use of Salvia Divinorum, mistaking it as a recreational drug. Those worried it may lead to addictions or cause any harm, please note that it is not entirely new and there is no known records of this occurring anywhere. We, in our group have not seen any signs that would lead to this as a possibility.


The Salvia Crusader Members

There is currently three "Active Salvia Divinorum user members" and one "Sitter Member" as well as a number of guests and friends of the Salvia Crusaders.

The names listed below are not the real names of our members but are those that have been given to the member during a Salvia Divinorum Experience.

User Members

Mawk :Salvia Crusader - User Member Shayman : Salvia Crusader - User Member Swampy : Salvia Crusader - User Member
Mawk Shayman Swampy

Sitter Member


Guest List

The following People have also
experienced Salvia Divinorum
as a guest of the Salvia Crusaders

Ms S. (Aug 2003)
Mr C. (Aug 2003)
Mr S. (Sep 2003)
Mr R. (Sep 2003)
Ms Genie. (Sep 2003)
Mr P. (Oct 2003)

Contact the Salvia Crusaders

The Salvia Crusaders are contactable via e-mail

For more Contact Information Please see our Contact Salvia CrusadersContacts Page

At various times you may be lucky enough to find one of them in
the Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension ( Chatroom.
Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension (

Our Local Time is   [Melbourne, Australia (EST)]



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