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OS 012 (a Global Dialectic)
*An Operating System for the Human Being

©OS 012 is an Operating System for the Human Being.and is a very simple and very powerful formula and concept to understand. ©OS 012 allows you to increase your intelligence as you see fit.See for yourself. You must prove ©OS 012 to be true or false for yourself for certain.
Presented here by the Australian Salvia Crusaders
Documents have been reformated and mirrored here in the best interest of Humanity. The original author has requested this information be shared so please Read/Copy/Share.

The original Documents can be found at
the ©OS 012 Home page

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About ©OS 012

[ The Original About Text from OS 012 Version 3.0 (2004) ]

In December of 2002, and January of 2003, something appeared on internet message boards around the world that had immediate, profound implications for the way that we govern ourselves,  our social and governing institutions, commerce, and our media and information resources.  This object became known as ©OS 012, an operating system for the human being. 

©OS 012 as an application, it can be
compared to Mac OS X or Windows NT,
in that it serves to upgrade the
human being to operate more efficiently.

   ©OS 012 has a “common sense” appeal.  Its mechanisms are inherent to human reasoning capabilities, so are readily internalized by the user.  Since its inception, ©OS 012 has spread via the Internet to over a dozen countries.  Once implemented, it is self-sustaining and self-propagating, and creates a synergy between users and potential subscribers, much like a language does.

    ©OS 012 is NOT a metaphysical tool, nor is it a system of thought based on religion or philosophy, but is compatible with each and every one of those systems.  It is a simple, effective meta-program for individuals to increase their own intelligence and understanding to better achieve their goals, be they material or esoteric or both.

   ©OS 012 is created through practice, i.e., public discussion.  By its plastic nature it is highly adaptable, and is constantly upgraded to serve the needs of the individual user.  Hence, ©OS 012 has infinite possible applications both in commerce and culture.  Recent applications present ©OS 012 as the most advanced tool created thus far for negotiating in diplomatic and interpersonal arenas.

For the first time in history, humanity is turning to ourselves to solve the problems that face all of us.

The commotion and outpouring already, over OS 012, in it’s very infant stage, has been overwhelming.

It was officially launched the night of
Super Bowl XXXVI at 3 AM Pacific Standard Time. The threat of war was looming over head.

During half time intermission, Sting (songwriter of 'Syncronicity')
performed “Message in a Bottle (Sending Out an S.O.S.)”. The band that opened up for him was NO DOUBT.

©OS 012 offers certainty in world that asks for faith to solve the problems.

©OS 012 works eventually even if you just read it once.

The more you will read it, the quicker it will take hold.

How it came into being is still quite a mystery. It is too early to sift through the fast pace of events that led to it’s inception on Dec 21, 2002.

OS 012 has three ‘parents’. The social science of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism,the mathematical designs of inventor Buckminster Fuller’s Structural Patterns of Integrity,and the science and math of Memetics.

It is important to note that Bucky Fuller had this idea the whole time!

His ‘World Game’ was a design for world leaders to play in which they could solve both sides of the problem through creating opportunity for each other.

Recently, they decided to call this OS EARTH. An operating system for governments to use to solve all problems all the time effectively.

OS EARTH is so effective that it is sponsored by the United Nations, and corporations use it to solve their problems too.

The only problem OS EARTH does not solve is getting world leaders to use it!

OS 012 is a companion to OS EARTH. It is for the individual. It is for the citizen.



About ©High Intelligence Productions
( the first 'contributor' to ©OS 012)

Contact the original Author's : bubblefish012 at aol DOT com


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