Salvia Divinorum Crusaders of Australia
Australian Salvia Divinorum Crusaders
Salvia Divinorum Australia Salviacrusaders

Salvia Crusaders Of Australia

Crusading For The Freedom To Use Salvia Divinorum In Australia


Salvia Divinorum Medical Research

The natives to Oaxaca Mexico have used Salvia Divinorum for healing patients to aid headaches, migraines, stomach upsets, constipation, diarrhea, colds, sore throats and other ailments.

There has not been very much research into these claims by western scientists although, through experimentation people have reported many health benefits from using Salvia Divinorum. Many messages relating to how Salvia Divinorum has aided people have been posted in the Salvia Divinorum forums.


Used to overcome Depression

In "Salvia divinorum: Clinical and Research Potential" Karl R. Hanes, Ph.D. Dr Hanes explains his successful results using Salvia Divinorum against severe depression in patients. " There is also strong anecdotal evidence to support the usefulness of Salvia Divinorum in resolving pathological grief and as an antidepressant.". Unfortunately, due to the law being passed banning Salvia Divinorum in Australia, Dr Hanes can no longer continue his excellent work with the herb.

See : Salvia divinorum: Clinical and Research Potential ~ Karl R. Hanes, Ph.D.
To : Salvia divinorum: Clinical and Research Potential - Karl R. Hanes, Ph.D.


Used to overcome Addiction

Salvia Divinorum, a natural kappa-opioid agonist may also be a remedy to reduce drug dependency of morphine, cocaine, alcohol, and nicotine, and that's not all.
Duncan Crow is a wholistic consultant and researcher who promotes; standard foods that make you healthy can be more beneficial than drugs that do not.

See : Salvia divinorum: a natural kappa-opioid agonist ~ Duncan Crow.
To : Salvia divinorum: a natural kappa-opioid agonist - Duncan Crow.


Other Psychedelic medicine Research

Read the Psychedelic medicine: Mind bending, health giving (New Scientist -Feb 2005)"Psychedelic medicine: Mind bending, health giving "  article from New Scientist (.com) (26 February 2005)





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