Salvia Divinorum Crusaders of Australia
Australian Salvia Divinorum Crusaders
Salvia Divinorum Australia Salviacrusaders

Salvia Crusaders Of Australia

Crusading For The Freedom To Use Salvia Divinorum In Australia


Link to the Salvia Crusaders Website : Code

How to Link to the Salvia Crusaders Website

1/ Decide if you wish to use a text link or use one of our banners
For Banners;
Right click on the Banner you would like to use below and choose
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2/ Copy the code below and paste it into your page where you would like the link

For a text only Link
<a href="">The Australian Salvia Crusaders</a>

For a banner Link
<a href="">
<img src="***URL & Image name : where you saved the banner image***"
width="468" height="60"
alt="Salvia Crusaders for Salvia Divinorum Freedom in Australia"

3/ send us an e-mail at telling us so we may place a return link back to your Website on our Website too.





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