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Salvia Divinorum in the News

Stories in the mainstream news about Salvia Divinorum do not show it in very favorable light, see any of the links to news stories in the table below.

Most of these news stories have similar content and show a lack of originality. At the time of writing there as been no real change in the content of these “news” stories from July 2001 to March 2004. They all contain the same basic misinformation, exaggerations, lies, scare tactics, and of course the opinions of "Experts" (of what we wonder). So let us read between the lines of all the Salvia Divinorum news stories and see what they are really saying.

Between the Lines of Any Salvia Divinorum News Story
(Or - What they are not telling you directly)

Salvia Divinorum, a short acting hallucinogen, is an herb that had escaped mainstream attention until recently, when like all interesting things, word has spread fast especially by the Internet and it has become more accessible to any one who would want it.

Authorities have known about Salvia Divinorum for many years and know that it is not something to be concerned about and so have not acted against it. After all, the Mazatec Indians of Northern Mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico have been using it for healing for hundreds if not thousands of years without encountering any problems associated with it. Only in a drug war crazed community where it is possible to score cheap political points has the issue of restricting it been an issue. Or in the case of Australia, lazy and misinformed bureaucrats acted on their ignorant fear instead of scientific principals.

It is obviously not harmful; we could find no records of anyone requiring medical aid or an obituary as a result of consuming it. We were able to find a few reports regarding acts of stupidity by a few people who had admitted using Salvia Divinorum at least once at some stage in their life. However their use was not necessarily within a time frame that would be conclusive to say that their actions were the result of using it.

Like all mind altering substances, Salvia Divinorum is appealing to the youth as well as adults of all ages. And without any real knowledge of this plant, parent groups and other concerned “do-gooder” associations frightened by the “stories” of what it can do are loudly speaking out against it instead of educating their children and selves to be responsible and safe.

Some people who we call experts or who call themselves experts of something but display very little, if any at all, knowledge of Salvia Divinorum are able to invent all sorts of scary, worst case, scenarios of what they “think” might happen if it could be abused.

Just as there is a potential for mankind to one day be able to move groups of stars together and create black holes there may also be a potential for Salvia Divinorum to be abused though we have no proof of this.

Salvia Divinorum does not appeal to everyone, it seems to only appeal to the very few people, about one in ten, who are actually open minded enough to see what the herb may offer. Others may try it but they will only do it once. For people who do not have the necessary mind skills that this herb seems to require, experimentation will, in most cases never be repeated. If your child is using it, more than an experimental first time, you can be very proud to have raised a rare, open minded individual.

We do not wish to inform you that people who actually have knowledge of this herb have discovered that it has its own ability to make sure it is not abused. We’d rather give an impression that these people need escape drugs to allow them to deal with life than inform you that users of the herb have reported that since using it their lives have changed in various positive ways regardless of their former situations, good or bad.

Facts aside, we prefer to scare you with the false impression that users are so addicted or obsessed with it that they angrily defend it against our misinformation. We believe people need to be controlled, you are not capable of making up your own mind about things like this, that’s what governments are for, and so you should be on our side in our ignorant war against it.

This article was inspired by the ridiculous writings of Laura Dawn Lewis in her article "The Legal Hallucinogen Targeted at Teens" that appeared some time after October 20 2002 on the  CouplesCompany website in two parts.

The Legal Hallucinogen Targeted at Teens part 1Part 1 :
The Legal Hallucinogen Targeted at Teens part 2Part 2 :

This article is one of the finest examples of the misinformation delivered to the public by dishonest journalists like Laura Dawn Lewis.

Links To Salvia Divinorum News Stories

News stories archived on the Internet often disappear after a while, although we will keep an eye on these links we some times miss one that has become dead so please report any dead links to

date Headline
July 19 2001 Mexican mind bender like a legal LSD, say users

September 4 2001 Mexican herb sparking interest as legal hallucinogen; law enforcement, researchers on alert
Also Here

September 5 2001 Hallucinogenic Herb Being Sold Legally Over Internet

(2002) Salivating over salvia

May 2 2002 Legal LSD Makes DEA Nervous

June 18 2002 A New LSD? Mexican Herb for Sale Online Comes With Divine Claims, Warnings

August 29 2002 Expanding one's mind, just not in Australia

September, 2002 Drug Enforcement Administration Newark Division : Salvia Divinorum

September 10, 2002 Salvia Divinorum: Legal hallucinogen proves too potent for many college students

December 22 2002 Plant from Mexico has U.S. drug officials on alert

2003 Miracle Cure Or New Party Drug?

January 22 2003 St. Peters, Mo., Considers Limiting Sale of LSD-Like Herb.

April 12 2003 Drug sellers on Internet can be jailed
If the above link fails - We saved a copy localy - HERE

June 2003 Teens, and now DEA, are on trail of hallucinogenic herb

June 7 2003 US WI: Latest 'Drug' Dates Back Centuries

June 24 2003 New Recreational Drug Poses Questions For DEA (transcript from CNN)

July 10 2003 Local Teens High On Legal Substance Officials Warn Parents About Mexican Herb
(Includes video)

July 20 2003 Stronger than LSD and legal

July 24 2003 DEA issues warning for legal herb stronger than LSD

July 28 2003 CN ON: Herb Inspires High Expectations

July 29 2003 DEA Warns About Legal Hallucinogenic Herb

August 12 2003 Legal hallucinogen a dangerous Ďroll of the dice,í warns UF expert

August 14 2003 Potentially dangerous drug "salvia" is popular in the party scene (with steaming video)

August 21 2003 This (salvia) isn't your father's marijuana

September 6 2003 In case you haven't heard.(salvia divinorum to be classified as a controlled substance)(Brief Article)

September 8 2003 Web Used to Market Hallucinogenic to Adolescents

October 2003 First Local Salvia Divinorum Ordinance Proposed

December 19 2003 Plant could land airmen in legal hot water

February 05 2004 High driver, speeds in chase

February 14 2004 SALVIA DIVINORUM:Divine High or Hippie Hoax?

February 25 2004 Parents Warned About Legal Hallucinogenic Drug

March 03 2004 Helena man racking up more charges while in jail
(follow up of High driver, speeds in chase - Feb 5 2004)

March 3 2004 New legal drug poses potential danger

June 10 2004 Hazelden Report: Methamphetamine Takes Hold in Metro Area Among New, Younger Users

July 31 2004 Salvia sparks curiosity - (The Ithica Journal)

July 31 2004 Limited knowledge of drug makes warnings difficult - (The Ithaca Journal)

August 5 2004 Salvia divinorum Legislature should outlaw substance - (The Ithaca Journal)

September 23 2004 A Legal High - Students use ancient drug to escape reality

October 2004 Open Secrets : How the government lost the drug war in cyberspace (ReasonOnline)

February 2005 Drug addicts turning to herbal highs

March 2005 Looking for a light

March 21 2005 Should 'Sally D' be made illegal?

Saturday April 16, 2005 Peers and MPs join furore over 'rushed' ban on magic mushrooms

May 4th 2005 Salvia -- A Legal Hallucinogenic Herb

May 11th 2005 Type of sage becoming popular choice as hallucinogenic [WHEC-TV-10 Video]

Wednesday, June 15, 2005 [Altered Mindstates] Dog Bites trips out over the Mindstates global psychedelic convention

June 16th 2005 State Targets Tripped-Out Herb

July 21st 2005 MB wants state to ban sale of hallucinogenic plant

July 21st 2005 Police watching for legal hallucinogen

July 21st 2005 Teens buying legal psychedelic herb, police warn

July 22nd 2005 City seeks ban on hallucinogen Salvia
Drug available on Ocean BoulevardBy

July 22nd 2005 Legal herb causing concern in Myrtle Beach

July 27th 2005 MB wants biker relief

July 31st 2005 Hallucinogen perfectly legal

August 03, 2005 Potent herb not regulated in Canada
Effects mimic those of illegal hallucinogenic drugs

September 21st 2005 DCI seizes pipes from local businesses

October 13th, 2005 Silicon Alleys :Tripping Through Silicon Valley

14 October 2005 Legal, but this is no party drug says net

October 26, 2005 Herb Alters Reality, But It's Legal

November 2005 Powerful hallucinogen still legal in Canada

November 13, 2005 Salvia: Itís intense, itís dangerous, itís inexpensive ... and itís legal

December 8, 2005 Legal herb can still get Marines in trouble

December 14 2005 Brandon store restricts sale of legal hallucinogen

Saturday, December 17th, 2005 Kids using herb to get high

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005 Letter to Editor: Salvia caution a bit of overkill

Monday January 9, 2006 Exotic, legal highs become big business as 'headshops' boom

January 15, 2006 Internet a conduit for legal highs [Oakland Press]

January 16, 2006 Legally stoned [Sydney Morning Herald] AUSTRALIA

January 18, 2006 Maybe salvia's appeal will wane even without legal ban [Oakland Press]

Friday January 27, 2006 Getting the message out about drugs [Fort Saskatchewan Record]

February 5th 2006 Kids playing Russian roulette

February 7th 2006 Officials warn against usage of hallucinogen ďSally DĒ - WOW what rubbish, I had heard that FOX was like that!!!



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