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Crusading For The Freedom To Use Salvia Divinorum In Australia


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The Salvia Crusaders Website contains mostly original material created by themselves to highlight the need to remove the ban on Salvia Divinorum in Australia. All images and Text are ©Copyright Salvia Crusaders 2003-2004

Some material for this Website has been sourced from other places. Where we have used these pieces you will also find information about where it was sourced from and a credit given to the originator of the piece.

Any third party pieces that have come from an unknown source will be credited with that information and a notice that we will remove the piece imediatly on notice from the originator of the work will also be seen on the same page.

If you are the author or originator of any of the third party work on this Website and wish us to remove it, adjust the format or credit information. Please send an email stating your wish to

Use of Material from this Website

You are free to use any of the material on the Salvia Crusaders Website provided you provide a credit to Salvia Crusaders and information containing our URL. If you are using any material from this Website on another Website of Webpage, please provide a link back to the Salvia Crusaders Website
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We would appreciate an e-mail detailing what your intentions are regarding our work, how you have used it, and any other feedback you may wish to provide.

If you are the Webmaster of another Salvia Divinorum related Website and wish to use any of our artwork or text or even just place a link on your Website to ours. Please let us know so we may return the favour and place a link on our Website back to yours.



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