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Cautions & Safety / Harm Minimisation

Any psychoactive substance is potentially dangerous if used irresponsibly.

Sage Crusaders - Warning = Read the User Guide Before Trying Salvia Divinorum

It is Very important that you read the user guide before using Salvia Divinorum.

You will find the most up to date version here
Salvia Divinorum Userguide - Latest Version
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Only For The Willing

Although Salvia Divinorum is a completely safe non addictive herb it is imperative to treat it with respect and caution.

The effect of Salvia Divinorum can be quite overwhelming for some people. Depending on the amount consumed, the effect can range from a slight alteration in body feelings to a total out of body experience to complete amnesia. It should never be given to a person without their prior knowledge.

Be Still & Use a "Sitter"

It is best to not try and move about while under the effect of Salvia Divinorum your balance and perception is usually distorted and you may accidentally injure yourself or knock something over.

It is recommended that you have a sober “sitter” with you to ensure you remain safe in the one place and do not attempt to move around. A sitter may also be of assistance to help calm you down should you find the experience to overwhelming.

Do not resist the experience. Try and remind yourself that it is 100% safe, nothing bad will happen to you regardless of what you may perceive and that the whole experience is short lasting. It is better to go with the flow and be an observer during a Salvia Divinorum induced journey rather than fight it. Fighting the effect will only bring more distress or end the journey all together.

This Is NOT A Party Drug

It is not a party drug or something to use while nightclubbing as it is not a social experience. The experience can seem so real that you don’t even realise you have consumed the herb and are experiencing a hallucination until you snap back to reality. Not exactly the best state to be in at a party or a nightclub.

A successful Salvia Divinorum experience is a very personal and deep introspective state of awareness similar to meditation, and like meditation parties are not the best place for that type of experience.

A Warning On Extracts

Some people like to use an extract of the leaves for smoking which is more potent than plain leaf. Caution should be taken to ensure the extract has been made using 100% safe materials. Alcohol extractions are best. Extractions using less safe substances such as acetone sometimes have left over residue in them that is not only unsafe but may affect the taste of the smoke.

Most people find the smoke of Salvia Divinorum to be quite nice, some even describe it as sweet. If you are smoking an extract that has a harsh taste to the smoke, chances are you are also smoking dangerous chemicals left over from an unsafe extraction process. Only use extracts that are known to be from a safe source.

If you "Trip" and drive you're a bloody idiot!

Salvia Divinorum has a short lasting effect on your coordination (usually about an hour or less) therefore it should never be used within an hour before driving a vehicle or operating any machinery.


Respect this herb and act responsibly. You have been Warned.



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