Hello! Welcome to 'Stolen Hearts', a site dedicated to the manga Wild Act created by Takada Rie. The site is currently undergoing construction but please feel free to browse around and enjoy!

11/26/06: New fanlisting added (Monica is my host for the Wild Act fanlisting and super nice!). Also, if you stop by and notice some things on the site are still incomplete, I am aware and working on it! I just moved and am still trying to get some stuff organized so feel free to check back!
10/11/06: 1 new avatar added.
7/26/06: New fanlisting added. 1 Link Updated for Tokyopop website.
7/18/06: 1 new wallpaper added.
7/10/06: Volume 1 summary added. Update added to the manga index.
7/5/06: New webring added. B & W Image Gallery Up. Creator section up. Shoujo section up. Akira, Maiko, Sanae, Tokio, Jun, and Shintarou character bios up.
7/4/06: Wallpaper section up. 1 Wallpaper added. Manga Index up. Yuniko, Ryu, Kamui Character Bios Up. 2 Avatars added. Guidelines added.
7/3/06: Color Image Gallery up. Introduction Up. Links Up. About Site Up. Guestbook added.
7/2/06: Site created. Home page finished.

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