long stories




Sing You a Love Song
*incomplete - on hiatius*

*incomplete - wip*

short stories

FedEx My first trip back to fanfic writing... not my best example of writing.... Staring Justin as the fedex guy.

Fantasy This is what happens when you watch the MSG concert one too many times....

Sammich Special story for Espanola...

Sailing Lance, a boat, and puke.

Dazzled Justin and his bedazzler get out of hand

Heatwave Lance heats up the place.

Quick Change What really happens in the quickchange room

Bicycle Justin gets a new toy

Daydream I'm a daydream believer....

I Spy Peeking at JC & My Turn JC peeking

Is Too is not.. is too.. is not.. I'm telling mom...

longer short stories (or series)

| Waterworks | Indiscretion | This Time.... Justin's a philanderer... or something like that.

First Time | Playing Doctor | At the Movies Jc cant get no.. satisfaction...

Drunk | Hungover | Not So Drunk Joey's a good guy

Going Down (incomplete)

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