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 A story for your pleasure. This story involves non consentual torture and sadism.
It is a fanatasy and I do not condone any of the actions except as a fantasy. Further chapters to follow.    

By Mad Dog  

Chapter 1, The Delivery

From the outside, the van looked like many others. Inside, a cage had been constructed in the back of the van. Four lovely young women were shackled to the cage. They sat quietly as the woman driving the van maneuvered over the remote logging road. All worried, in their own way, about what to expect. After over 3 hours, the forest gave way to a lush lawn bordered by a high stone wall topped with barbed wire. Towers could be seen at the ends of the wall a mile in each direction. The road ended at a solid metal gate, over 10 feet tall. The driver got out of the van and approached the gate. She was 5’ 10” and very muscular. She wore a short leather skirt that ended mere inches below her crotch. Her large, heavy breasts were barely held in by a matching leather halter top that was cut low to expose the her dark skin to just above her large dark nipples. She walked up to the gate and pressed a button beside the gate. She smiled as she held the button for several seconds. She then gave it 3 short pushes, chuckled to herself and came back to the van. As she walked, the gate slowly opened. Two large scantily clad women rode up on motor cycles and turned around, signaling the van to follow.  

The drive was hand placed brick and seemed incredibly smooth after the rough logging road. It wove through lush gardens. Occasionally, they passed a woman working on the garden. A huge mansion appeared out of the trees. Even the driver, who’d been here before, was always awed at the size and grandeur of the structure. It easily ran for a quarter mile in each direction. The convoy left the drive before it reached the main entrance and veered down a service road that led to the back of the mansion. The escort waved the van to a parking spot next to a service door and sped away. Four tall, muscular women wearing skimpy blue uniforms waited holding some sort of rods waited by the door. The uniforms consisted of a suit jacket with the first button attached just above the navel over a short skirt. The opening above the button left a wide opening that revealed most of the substantial breasts of the women.  

The driver picked up a rod similar to the one the uniformed women had. She waved at one of the guards. “Carlos hasn’t sent you out in a long time, Marta. You do something to piss him off?” asked the guard. The driver nodded, “Yeah, he had me service this client. The guy shit in my mouth and I puked. Carlos beat the shit out of me and sent me.” She pointed to marks on the exposed upper slope of her tits and legs. Deep bruises crossed her tits. Her legs were lined with welts above her knees with a higher concentration on the inside of her thighs and even closer together as you looked higher up her legs. The guard ran her finger along one of the bruises on her tit, “Man, that sure looks nasty!” Marta winced with the contact, “Yeah and it’s three days old! Then he sends me to make the delivery to the Master. Any chance he’s away or busy or something?” The guard shook her head “No chance. Carlos called and told him you were making the delivery. I heard him telling the Bitch he was looking forward to fucking your ass again. He said no one hates an ass fucking like you.” A look of fear crossed Marta’s face as she instinctively put her hand on her shapely ass.  

After a pause, Marta looked up and said, “You better give me a hand, one of the new girls isn’t being cooperative.” The group of women walked over to the van and Marta opened the back door. Marta took a key off her belt and unlocked the cage. She motioned the women out one at a time and started cuffing them to each other. They were naked and were trying to cover their genitals as much as they could while cuffed to their neighbor. When she got to the last one, an incredibly tall black woman, as she bent to cuff her hand to the next woman, the black woman lifted her knee sharply into Marta’s belly. Marta grunted loudly and fell to the ground. The black woman tried to turn and run but, as she twisted, the nearest guard put the end of her rod into her abdomen and squeezed a button on its handle. The black woman screamed loudly as the electric prod discharged on her belly. She fell to the ground gripping her stomach with both hands.  

Marta sucked air deeply and stretched upright. “You bitch!’ she snapped as she pushed her prod onto the large dark nipple of the woman on the ground. The black screamed and rolled over to her side in an attempt to protect her tit from another shock. Marta smiled and pushed the prod into the cunt lips exposed by her bent legs. The scream was piercing as the black woman flopped to her back and lay whimpering with both hands clutching between her legs. “You feel like doing what you’re told now cunt?” Marta demanded. The black woman sobbed and nodded rapidly.  

The guards grabbed the black woman’s hair and pulled her up. Still shaking, they cuffed her to the line of women. Marta walked toward the door and the guards pushed the naked women after her. As she got to the door, she pushed a doorbell button and again held it for a long pause. However, this time, the sound of a woman screaming could be heard coming form the other side of the door. Marta tapped the button three more times. Each tap brought another gargling scream. The door opened and another guard complained, “Shit Marta, I know you like to hurt the cunts but you aren’t next to them. It’s really hard on the ears! I could hear the cunt hooked up to the gate down here!” The frightened naked woman looked at the wall next to the door. A beautiful brunette was hanging by hand cuffed hands from a hook on the wall. Large full breasts were quivering as she sobbed loudly. A spreader bar, shackled to her ankles, spread her legs impossibly apart. A smaller version of a car jumper cable clamp was clipped over her clit hood and another wire wound its way into her cunt. The shackled women cringed involuntarily.  

The door guard said, “The Master wants them up in the hospital wing. He’s sending a cunt down to show you the way.” She saw Marta rubbing her bare midriff below her halter-top and the black woman still sobbing and rubbing her aching cunt and tits. “What happened here?” She asked. “She kneed me and tried to get away, fucking cunt!” Marta responded. The guard smiled, “Shit, the masters going to fuck her up good. Too bad I can’t watch!” The black woman’s eyes widened noticeably.  

They waited for a few minutes until a soft “Ugh, ugh” sound was heard coming down the hall. A young woman of about 16 came through the door form the hall. She was about 5 feet tall dirty blonde with very pail skin. Piercing blue eyes were brimming with tears. Her small breasts had bright pink nipples that were crushed between large alligator clamps with sharp teeth. Blood stained the edges of the clamps where they crushed her tender nipples. The tits themselves were stretched downward by large metal balls attached to each nipple clamp by a 10 inch fine chain. She waddled with her legs spread in a half crouch. Her cunt lips below wispy blonde pubes were clamped as well. Each lip was stretched several inches by even larger metal balls hanging from chains. The poor girl’s hands were shackled behind her back. With each small step, the weights swung and the teenager let out a grunt of pain. Even though she was obviously in great pain, the teenager seemed to moving as fast as her body could tolerate the pain. She turned, shuffling her feet around and started walking back out the door and down the hall. The guards pushed the four women down the hall after the teenager. Travelling slowly they went up a flight of stairs. Each step up caused even greater swinging of the weights and the teenager sobbed loudly, as she had to stop often to allow the swing to slow so she could continue through the pain. The guards talked nonchalantly to themselves as they walked slowly. The shackled prisoners stared at the teenager with fear and pity.  

After about 5 minutes of walking, they came to a door with HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH stenciled on it. They proceeded through the door and carried on to a room denoted RESEARCH ROOM 3. The teenager opened the door and walked in as the guards pushed the prisoners in behind her.  

The room was the size of a high school gymnasium with jade green linoleum floor and white scrubbed walls. There were various forms of dental chairs, medical examining tables and other antiseptic looking devices of unknown purpose space around the room. There were three occupants of the room. The most imposing was a large man. He stood 6’ 5” tall and had a thick muscular build. His hair was dark black with the occasional gray hair showing. His eyes were dark brown and somehow menacing. He wore a fine robe that appeared to shimmer like a pearl in the light.  

To his right was a stunning woman with red hair. Standing 5’ 11” tall, she was naked from the waist up. She had huge breasts ending in large pink nipples that stood our like pencil erasers. Her aureoles were about 3 inches across. All she wore was a tight nylon skirt that gripped her large muscular ass cheeks and ended just below her cunt. Her body was well muscled and she radiated power.   Slightly behind her was a middle aged oriental woman. She was only 4’ 10”. She wore black rimmed glasses and had long straight black hair that fell over a short lab coat that was her only clothing. The bottom of the lab coat parted slightly to expose dark cunt hair over thick shapely thighs.  

The teenager looked hopefully at the man as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a stopwatch. He held it up for the teenager to see, “Not even close!” he said with a smile. The young girls started to sob gently and looked toward the floor, “Please Master,” she said, “can’t I suck your cock, they’re just too big.” The man shook his head, “No, but would you like me to pick something else to punish you for being such a slow cow?” The pretty teenager looked up in terror, “No! I’ll do it I promise!” The Master smiled, “That’s a good little cunt, Karen. Bitch, take the clamps off so our little cunt can sit down and rest.” The heavy-breasted red head walked up to the teenager. She slowly opened the clamps one at a time. The young girl cried in pain as the blood returned to each punished nipple and cunt lip. The master walked over to device that looked like an old metal seat from a tractor. It was stainless steel formed in a shape meant to take a human butt. However, from the middle of the seat, a thick hard rubber dildo pointed up. It was at least 9 inches long and 2 inches thick. Immediately behind it, was a stainless steel rod about inch thick. At the tip of the rod was a metal ball about one inch in diameter. There were 3 more balls below the first, each getting larger, the bottom one being 1 inches in diameter. The whole seat sat on a metal box with dial controls along the front.  

The teenager looked at the monstrous seat and wept. “Time to take a seat, cunt! The master said happily. The young girl walked slowly to the device. A step stool was produce by the oriental woman. The teenager stood on the stool and turned to face the group. She slowly started lowering her but down till the rubber dildo touched her cunt lips. Wiggling herself slowly on it she started to press down. As the thick dildo started to spread her tight young cunt she grunted as she was stretched. Slowly the first inch of dildo worked into her until her small young ass came in contact with the first metal ball. She looked up pleadingly at the Master but he just smiled at her. Sobbing, she started to press her asshole down on the sphere. Slowly it spread her. “Augghhh!” she grunted as she got past the widest part and seemed to pop into her ass. She pushed down to the next ball. The dildo was feeling impossibly large in her tight dry cunt. She pushed further and the next ball stretched her asshole out. She cried out again as it finally slid into her ass. She was starting to feel dizzy with the pain but concentrated on keeping conscious. She knew the punishment for failing would be even worse.

She started pushing down on the third ball, but with every downward movement, she felt like her ass was going to tear. She just couldn’t force herself further. She sat, half impaled, weeping deeply. The Master stroked her hair, “Poor dear! Would you like some help?” The young girl looked pitifully at him, tears dripping off her chin and nodded weakly. The Master placed strong hands on each of her upper arms to balance her and nodded to the tall read head, “You know what to do, Bitch!” The Bitch grabbed the footstool and pulled it from under the young teenager> The Master used no strength to support her but just held her upright. The young girl plunged down on the two invading dildos. The one in her cunt seemed like it was going to pierce her guts as the one in her ass ripped her anal ring as the last large ball pounded its way through. The young girls scream was high pitched as it rang through the room. The Master held her upright for the time it took for the screams to die down to loud pleas to remove her from the horrible device stretching her open. The oriental woman took a strap and placed it across the lap of the suffering teenager and pulled it tight. The master reached between the teenager’s dangling legs and turned the dials. He then flipped a switch on the box and a humming started. The teenager restarted her screaming loudly, “Noooo! Agghhh!” in a rhythmic chant. The Master went behind her and checked the depth of the thrust of the torture machine. On each outward pull, two balls were pulled from her ass only to be thrust back in like some painful piston. The tear in the teenager’s ass was now slowly dripping blood. Her screams and pleas were settling into a medium level series of painful grunts as the pain coursed through her.  

Turning away from the teen, he looked back at Marta, “Long time no see, Marta. I’ve missed you. I’ll have to have Carlos send you with the deliveries more often.” Marta tried to smile, “Of course, Master, it would be my pleasure.”  

Looking at the prisoners he said, “Why don’t you show me what you brought me?” The guards quickly unshackled the prisoners and Marta approached the first one, the tall black woman. Marta started describing the woman like she was selling a car, “This is Mary. We bought her from the chief of her tribe in Africa. As you can they are amongst the tallest people in the world. Mary is 18 years old. She is 6’5” tall. Her measurements are 43DD-26-38. Her nipples, as you can see are very large and appear to be very sensitive. She is a virgin in all orifices. She is incredibly strong and should be able to take much abuse. However, she is not well behaved and kicked me and tried to run away on her trip here.”  

The Master walked up to Mary and nodded at 2 guards who gripped her arms. He reached out and took one of the thick nipples between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed hard. “Owww!” Mary cried, vainly trying to break the guard’s grip. The master twisted harder, “You will be useful as an example to the other 3. Unfortunately that’s going to be quite painful for you.” He let go of her tit. Dr. Ngai, please inject her with something to keep her awake. I want to make a significant example and it wouldn’t do to have her not awake to enjoy it.  

The oriental woman motioned to the guards and pointed to the wall. They dragged Mary over to the wall. Several straps were hanging from the wall. They were used to pin her arms against the wall over her head. This caused her firm large breasts to rise. Another strap was placed just below her breasts to fix her torso to the wall. Her legs were then pulled apart and strapped to the wall.  

“I would like to inject her tits but we have 3 other guests to entertain so use a vein so we don’t have to wait so long for it to take effect.” Ordered the master. Dr. Ngai nodded and took a hypodermic needle and a vial out of a cupboard. Filling the syringe, Dr. Ngai walked over to Mary. She struggled uselessly against the straps as the doctor bent over and slapped Mary on the inside of her thigh to bring up the vein. As she bent over, the doctor’s lab coat pulled up exposing her dark cunt hair and a hint of pink between her cunt lips. The doctor deftly pushed the needle into the vein and depressed the plunger. Mary felt warmth spread from the injection sight. As it spread, she felt her pulse increase. All the sounds of the room seemed louder and the lights seemed brighter.   “While we’re waiting for Dr, Ngai’s potion to work, tell me about our other guests, Marta.” Stated the Master. Marta walked up to the second prisoner, a slight young blond with smallish tits and small reddish pink nipples. Her hair is cut short and she has large steel gray eyes. “This is Magda. We bought her from her parents in Budapest. She is 15. She is 4’ 11” tall. Her measurements are 32A-23-34. She is a virgin in all orifices. Due to her small stature, we’re not sure how much she will be able to take. So far she has been very obedient.”  

The Master walked over to Magda and absently ran his fingers through her sparse pussy hair. Magda looked into his eyes, silently pleading. “I am going to look forward to fucking you. Does that scare you?” he asked. She nodded as a tear rolled down her cheek. “Good!” he smiled.  

Marta walked over to the third, a dark hared Latin woman with substantial breasts with dark small nipples that contrasted her fair skin. Marta went into her pitch, “This is Juanita. She is 26 years old. Her husband sold her to us because she was caught with another man. She is 5’ 6” tall. Her measurements are 38D-25-37. She is well used in her cunt and has occasionally sucked cock. She is a virgin in her ass. She seems quite strong and will likely be able to withstand considerable abuse. She has not been very cooperative but hasn’t been downright disobedient.”   The Master walked up to Juanita and intertwined his fingers in her long thick cunt hair. She started to pull back but the guards immediately grabbed her arms and held her in place. “We’ll have to trim this!” The master announced, “but I don’t think you’ll like how!” He grabbed a tuft of pubes and pulled them out sharply. “OOWWW!” she wailed as she tried to bend forward in the grasp of the guards.  

Marta walked up to the last of the women, a tiny oriental girl with no breasts to speak of and only the slightest hint of cunt hair. Her hair was cut straight just above her shoulder. “This is Jinlee. Her parents sold her to us. She is 14. She is 4’ 9” tall. Her measurements are 30A-22-31. She is a virgin in all orifices. She is so small we suspect she will be ripped badly with very little use but that she should suffer greatly with even a cunt fuck. She has been very compliant.”  

The Master walked behind the tiny oriental and cupped her small buttocks. “I love fucking oriental ass, don’t I Doctor?” The doctor furrowed her brow and nodded. “Yours looks particularly inviting.” He said and reached down and hooked his middle finger between her butt cheeks and into her virgin ass. Jinlee couldn’t believe the level of the burning pain in her ass as he wiggled his finger inside her. She cried out with quite “Ngh” with every twist.  

Pulling his finger out, he looked across the room at the teenager on the torture machine. She was hunched forward against the seatbelt, barely conscious. “Take her away.” He ordered. Two guards unstrapped her and lifted her of the dildos. One on each arm, they dragged her out of the room. The blood could be seen trickling out of her gaping ass as she went by.  

The Master walked over to Mary strapped to the wall. “You should be ready now. Just so you know, you’re not going to be let off so easy. Dr. Ngai and her research team have developed stimulants that keep you awake no matter how much pain you’re in. But don’t let me be accused of being unreasonable. If you take my cock in your mouth, cunt and ass and you do it very well, I will only give you a light punishment.” As he finished the statement, he opened his robe. All 4 prisoners gasped. His cock was only semi-rigid but it was already over 10 inches long and very thick.  

Mary shook her head angrily, “I’ll never fuck you! You pig!” The Master shrugged and turned to the tall redhead, “Bitch, I think I’ll give you the honor. I’d like the skewers and maybe some electricity.” Mary’s eyes widened. The Bitch smiled and wheeled a cart over to a cupboard and started placing items on the cart.  

The Master turned his gaze to Marta. Walking behind her, he reached under her skirt and pushed 2 fingers hard in her ass. Marta gritted her teeth and grunted under her breath as he drove the fingers hard into her as again and again. She knew better than to try and pull away.  “You still hate it up the ass, Marta?” She nodded. He pulled his fingers out of her ass and undid her halter-top. It slid off her shoulders exposing her magnificent breasts. The Master traced his finger down a bruise that ran into her nipple and squeezed the nipple. “I see you’ve been naughty.” Marta tensed as tears filled her eyes from the pain in her already bruised nipple. The Master released her teat. “Bend over the table and pull you skirt up” he instructed.  

Marta leaned over the table. She didn’t have to raise her skirt much. It rode up her ass as she bent over the table. The master walked in front of her and held his semi-stiff cock at her mouth. She opened her mouth and sucked the fat bulb of the head into her mouth. It was so large that she had to open her mouth as wide as possible. She sucked and licked the head waiting for the throat fucking she knew was coming. As the huge cock got more rigid and grew even larger, the Master started pushing forward insistently. His cock hit the back of her throat and went on gagging her. He pushed his cock in and out of her throat allowing her only the briefest of moments to inhale. After several minutes, he pulled his now rock hard dick out of her mouth.  

The Master walked around the table and pulled her meaty ass cheeks apart. “Remember how much this hurt last time?” he asked. “Yes, Master.” He put the huge knob against her asshole and applied pressure. The tiny hole stretched as the head went deeper. “AAARRRGGHH!” Marta cried as the head finally fully entered her ass. The pain was excruciating. The master continued to insert his cock very slowly. Each fraction of an inch brought pain to a new part of Marta’s ass, causing her to cry out and shake her head in agony. When his cock was finally all the way in, he pulled back slowly, grabbed her hips and drove his cock in as hard as he could. “AAAAAHHHHHH! OH MY GOD! OWWW!” screamed Marta. She was sure her ass had been torn apart.  

Leaning against Marta’s butt with his cock deep inside her, the Master asked, “Bitch, you ready?” The Bitch nodded happily and walked up to Mary. She took some thin cord and started rapping it around the base of one of the huge black tits. With every turn, she pulled the cord tighter until the base of Mary’s tits were squeezed into a couple of inches and the large breast was sticking out from Mary’s chest. “Ow” and curses came from Mary as the procedure was duplicated on her other tit.  

Reaching to the tray, the Bitch picked up a 10-inch long metal skewer. She held it in front of Mary’s face. “Do you get it yet, cunt? I’m going to shove this through your tit!” the Bitch hissed. Mary’s eyes widened in disbelief, “No, you can’t! Somebody help me!” The Bitch took the skewer and put the point on the side of her tit against the rope. She slowly pressed as the point first indented the skin and broke through. “GAGHHHHH!” Mary’s screams echoed in the large room. The bitch waited for the screaming to die down and picked up another skewer. “Time for the other tit!” She announced as if she were offering another cup of coffee.” Mary shook her head, “NOOOO! YOU’RE KILLING ME! PLEASE NO!” Ignoring the pleas, the Bitch pushed the skewer against the side of the other tit and slowly started pushing through. Mary’s head thrashed around as her lungs gasped for air to supply her screams.  

Again, the Bitch waited for the screams to die down. Meanwhile, the Master had set up a steady series of short hard thrusts in Marta’s ass. She kept hoping her muscles would get accustomed but the burning pain just seemed to increase with each thrust.   The Bitch picked up another skewer. However, this one was only 3 inches long. Again she held it up in front of Mary. “You know what cunt, this one may be shorter but it’s going to hurt a lot more!” Mary just sobbed and watched through tear blurred vision as the Bitch put the shorter skewer against the side of Mary’s nipple. “GOD NO! YOU CAN’T! NOAAARRGGHH!” Mary’s powerful body strained against the straps as she convulsed in pain. It took some time for Mary’s screaming to stop. As it did, the Bitch held up another 3-inch skewer. “No, please! I’ll do anything!” Mary pleaded. Mary pressed the skewer against the other nipple and drove it through to another chorus of screaming. Blood was oozing from her tits.  

The Bitch smiled at her handiwork. In the background Marta’s pained grunts continued as the Master pounded her ass. The Bitch reached down to the cart and picked up four clamps attached by wires to a black box. She attached one to the each of the skewers. Mary cried as she begged the Bitch to stop. Ignoring the pleas of the black woman, the Bitch picked up a small box that looked like a TV remote control. She walked over and handed it to the Master.  

The Master gave a particularly hard thrust into Marta.  “Unnghh!” she grunted as he held his cock deep in her ass. He pointed the remote at Mary and pushed a button. Mary’s mouth opened wide, “Ahhh! Ahhh! No! Stop! Ahh!” The master smiled, “That’s button one. It’s the weakest. We have nine more!” Mary sobbed loudly, “Please, no more! Please, I’ll fuck you any  way you want!”  

The Master held up the control and pushed the second button. Mary shuddered, “Unngh, Ungh! STOP!” The Master slid his finger over to the third button. Mary’s screams gasping cries increased in intensity, “PLEASE STOOOPPPP!” The Master lifted his finger. Mary sucked in deep breaths. Her tied, pierced breasts shook as sobs racked her body. “So, you’re ready to fuck me?” the Master asked. Mary looked up, “ God, yes! Please just stop hurting my tits!” The Master motioned toward the black woman and started thrusting in and out of Marta’s ass again. Marta restarted her pained grunts. Two guards took Mary’s hands down and secured them behind her back. She pleaded “Please take these out of my tits!” The Master shook his head, “No, not until you’ve finished.” The Master pulled his cock out of Marta’s ass. Marta sniffed back her tears and breathed deeply in relief as the horrible stretching of her ass came to an end. She stood, her asshole still open and sore, tears streaming down her face.  

He walked over to Mary, his huge cock bouncing in front of him as he walked. He stood in front of her, “On your knees, cunt!” Mary went to her knees. “Suck it!” She moved her face toward his dick but, as she got closer, she could see and smell the brown streaks of Marta’s shit on his cock. She recoiled, “It’s covered with shit!” The master pointed the control at the box and hit the fourth button. “Gahhh! OWWWW! AHHHH!” She screamed and bucked back wildly. As he let go of the button, she writhed on the floor. “You want more or are you ready to suck my cock, cunt!” the Master asked. “NO! I’LL DO IT, I’LL DO IT! NO MORE PLEASE NO MORE!” she begged.  

The Bitch grabbed a handful of Mary’s hair and pulled her back to her knees. She opened her mouth and took the huge head into her mouth. The bitter taste of shit filled her mouth. “Suck it, cunt!” insisted the Master. She closed her lips and ran her tongue around his cock head, gagging from the taste of the shit. The Master pressed his dick deeper in her mouth. She started to gag as the large knob hit the back of her throat. He pulled back and let her inhale. Grabbing her head in both hands, he pushed his cock a full inch down her throat. Her eyes widened as she involuntarily gagged on the thick cock in her throat. He pulled his cock head back into her mouth again allowing a breath. As she finished inhaling, he rammed the full length of his cock down her throat. Her gagging continued as she her throat ached from the hard thrust. He continued pulling back for a breath and driving his cock into her throat for several minutes. Mary continued to gag on each thrust. Each time he withdrew she coughed and sputtered as she fought to take a breath. Finally, he pulled his cock out completely. Mary fell to the floor and coughed, trying to breath. Her throat was bruised and sore.  

At the Master’s signal, one of the guards pulled a mattress over. The Master lay down on his back. His rock hard cock pointed straight up. “Time to fuck your cunt, Mary” he stated. She looked over as the bitch grabbed her hair and dragged her over to the mattress. “Squat on it, cunt!” the Bitch ordered. Sobbing, Mary kneeled over the Master and raised her cunt over the thick cock. The Bitch reached under her and held the cock against her virgin cunt. Mary pressed down and the huge cock head started to part her cunt lips but it quickly come up against her hymen. “It hurts!” she whined easing back a bit. “Of course it does. Would you rather I do your tits?” asked the master as he held up the remote control.  “NO!” Mary yelled and immediately pressed down with her cunt. The burning pain in her cunt grew as she pushed harder. Finally her hymen tore the fat cock tore an inch into her cunt. “AAARRGGHHH OWWWW” yelled Mary as she tossed her head back in agony. Her breaths started come in short gasping breasts as the pain in her over-stretched cunt settled to a burning fire.  

Tears rolled down Mary’s face. Her huge black tits swayed as she knelt over the huge cock. “You have to take it all” insisted the Master.  Weeping, the large black woman pressed herself slowly down the huge cock. “NNNNGGGHHH!” she grunted with each downward movement. Her cunt walls felt like they would split apart at any moment. Finally, she felt her cunt lips press down on him.  The full length of her cunt ached with the stretching. She felt a tree had been forced inside her.  She whimpered in short breaths hoping the pain would subside.  

“You better start fucking me!” the Master insisted. Mary lifted herself up 5 or 6 inches. The cock felt like it was pulling her inside out as she rode up. There were streaks of blood on his cock. “NNGGHH” she grunted as she force herself slowly back down a couple of inches. Slowly she repeated the process, not taking his cock fully on the down stroke. After one up stroke the Master said, “You call that fucking!” and grabbed a handful of her thick, wiry cunt hair and yanked down hard on it. “NNGGHHHAAAAAA…!” Mary screamed as the pain of her pussy mound from her pulled pubes gave way to the agony of her too rapidly stretched cunt. The Master yanked up on the cunt hair again, pulling her cunt a full 9 inches off his cock. Without a break, he yanked down again. “AAAGGHHHHH!’ screamed the black amazon as more of her cunt was violently stretched.  

Using her cunt hair to hold her totally impaled on his cock, the Master waved over the bitch and a guard. Each took one arm and held Mary erect on his cock. “You’re going to be sorry you didn’t get into a good fucking!” he growled. The Bitch and guard took an arm each, holding Mary down firmly on the huge cock. The Master pointed the remote control and pressed the 5th button. “EEEEYYYIIOOO!” Mary’s scream filled the room. The Master released the button and allowed Mary’s screams to subside. He pointed the remote, his thumb over the 6. “NOOOOO! PLEASE NO-OWWWWWGAAAGGGHHHH!” she screamed. Her tits felt as if she was going to catch fire. Her head thrashed wildly.  

The Master took his thumb off the button and started tapping the 7th button on and off. With every tap, Mary’s whole body tensed as the screams filled the room. Her body would go limp in the grip of the two powerful women. The regular shocks were making her cunt grip on the Master’s cock. After several minutes he stopped the tapping. Mary went limp, held up only by the two women. Her breath’s came in pants. Her tits hurt with a deep burning pain and her throat ached from the screaming.  

At the Master’s signal, they picked Mary up and bent her over a table, fastening her ankles to the legs and her hands to cuffs on the table. Mary cried out as her pierced, tortured tits were mashed into the hard tabletop.  

The Master walked up behind her and pushed 2 fingers into her asshole. She grunted as he twisted them in and out. Taking his cock in one hand, he pushed the fat head against her butt. “Noo!, Please noo!” Mary wept. The Master leaned into her ass and watched the tiny ass hole start to stretch. “GOOOOOOD IT HUUURRTS!” Mary screamed as her butt hole slowly gave way. The Master grabbed her hips and leaned forward with all his might. “AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!” Mary screamed as his cock inserted to its full length. He rested against her firm ass as she begged “PLEASE TAKE IT OUT! PLEASE! IT’S TOO BIG!”  

The Master started rocking his cock in and out 2 to 3 inches per thrust. Mary let our deep pained grunts with every thrust. Finally, the Master rested and picked up the remote. He lifted it and pressed on the 8th button. Mary’s screams filled the room as she convulsed, her ass twitching on the Masters cock. After a few seconds, the Master lifted his finger. He started long driving strokes into her as , stiffening, he shot into Mary’s ass. He pulled his cock out of her ass as come dribbled down her leg. Mary wept.  

“That’s enough for her, I don’t think you’ll try and get away again will you, cunt?” Lost in her pain, Mary just wept. Shrugging his shoulders, the Master hit button 9. Mary’s head snapped up and down as she screamed. Letting go of the button, the Master asked, “You want to try and get away again, cunt?” Mary shook her head, “God no! Please just stop hurting me! Please!” Two guards untied the black woman.  

“You want those skewers out of your tits?” he inquired. Mary nodded. “OK, pull them out yourself.” Mary looked up, tears rolling sown her face. One after the other, she gripped a skewer and cried out as she pulled it out. As she was pulling the skewers, a guard was kneeling in front of the Master, gagging soflty as she licked Mary’s shit off the Master’s cock. When the last skewer was removed, Mary clutched her breasts and blood trickled out between her fingers.  

Pushing the guard away, The Master announced, “I’ll do the other 3 after dinner.” He walked over to the Bitch, reached under her skirt and shoved 2 fingers into her ass. The two of them walked out of the room, the Bitch grimacing as he roughly pushed her along with his fingers.  

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