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Who am I

Since 1990 Guy Spotts Drafting Services, Inc. has been A leading designers of custom and stock home plans. My home plans have a unique design style that combines beauty with elegance efficiency. The Guy Spotts Drafting Services home plans consists of more than 100 home plans. Varying in style and square footage, builders and consumers alike are sure to find a home plan to suit their needs. Included in our vast collection of home plans are one-story plans, two-story plans, master on main level plans and Southern Western Designs.

What we sell.

These are the full plan sets of cad drawings ready to pull the permits and start building in most states.   Remember  permit ready in most states.  In some states like California  you will need to run these through a Licensed Civil Engineer, I  recommend that you do this in your home town it will be cheaper and a local engineer will know the codes for your area.   Prints from foundation to roof framing, formatted to be editable in any AutoCAD from LT, 13, 14, 2005

What we do not sell.

What I'm not selling is 30 year scanned paper plans that are sent out on disk.  I have seen plans dated 1978 scanned and turned in to Pdf files, sent out as an electronic set of plans.  Some of these plans are not even readable.  Also a lot of Electronic Plan Architects sell there old plans on line most of these no longer meet the current codes.  This is why I do not list my plans with a plan service.


I do not price my plans to the point they are not affordable, the basic price is $800.00 for an electronic set of cad drawing. You want a paper set of plans that you can print  add $200.00 shipping is US Mail and at cost.

Custom Designs

Whether it’s adding square footage to a plan or changing the front elevation, we can custom modify our plans to satisfy your specific needs and desires for your home. Our cost to you is a very low $35.00 per hour.

If you’re looking for a custom design for your home, I can work with you to create a new concept and develop construction documents of your dream home that reflects your individual style and needs. Our cost to you is a very low $1.20 per SQFT.

How if you want to edit the plans feel free.   But please be very careful in you editing these plans.  These are permit ready as is,  I would encourage you seek out professional help like a local civil engineer to review the changes.   Then I will burn you a revised set of plans to a disk so that all you have to do is have them printed at your local blueprint service. Or if you don't have a blueprint service near you I can send them as a plot file or pdf and then Kinko's can print them.  

Engineering Services

All of these houses have been constructed and meet BOCA Codes.  You may need to have a local civil engineer sign off the plans for around $3.00 per SQFT.   But it could cost for an architect to design a house please note that a lot of architects use stock plan that $14000 to $20000 for them to move a wall and sign-off your plans. 


The total for an electronic set of plans $800.00 plus $10.00 shipping USA and Canada.

The total for an paper set of plans and electronic set of plans $1000.00 plus $20.00 shipping USA and Canada.

To Order send a Cashers Check or Money Order to: 

Guy Spotts, at P.O. Box  900861, Palmdale, CA, 93590-0861

If you have any questions or would like to see more samples just send me an E-Mail and I'll try to answer them, or tell you where to find out the information.

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