Website Links
First and foremost, these links are not arranged in any particular order, so keep in mind that these are all worthwhile visits, nomatter what place they may have on this list. I would also love to add to this list, so send me the link to your page. The worst that could happen is that you get listed, so give it a shot; I want to see your sites!
  Sailor Moon Sites:
Echoes and Waterfalls
Ganymede's Palace
Neon Genesis Evangelion Sites:
Links sites, Galleries, and Stores
Anime Web Turnpike
Anime Inn
Anime Dream
Non-Anime Related Sites:
Anya's Astrology Page
Thunder Angel
Eva Heaven
Kawii Kitty: Ami-ko's Diana Shrine
Beautiful Usagi
a soldier's policy
tears: A site for Ikari Shinji
Wind Spirit
ice, wind, sea, and a messy studio
Humor Sites:
Mr. T, the Toughest Man in Anime
Technovania:: PlurHugss
Anime Castle
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