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Locomotives are serviced at the fueling racks in MKT's Carrie Ave.
Yard in St.Louis Missouri. July 1987 photo.
Welcome to my collection of MKT photos. Luckily I was able to get photos
of the Katy during the Eighties before the railroad was swallowed up by
Union Pacific. Enjoy the photos!!
MKT 245 rest between duties at Carrie Ave. Yard in North St.Louis Missouri. July 1987 photo.
An Eastbound manifest rolls across the Meramec River Bridge near Eureka Missouri on the Mopac in Febuary of 1988.
MKT and BN locomotives
are serviced along the
mainline in Oklahoma.
March 1989 photo.
MKT switcher #7 rests near the Katys old headquarters at Denison Texas in March of 1989.
Two old Geeps switch cars at Denison Texas in March of 1989.
MKT and MoPac locomotives lead a southbound grain
extra towards Houston Texas in March of 1989.
MKT 187 leads a northbound manifest through Oklahoma
in March of 1989. The second unit is still in Penn Central paint.
MKT 196 switches a grain car somewhere in northern Texas. March 1989 photo.
MKT SD40-2 604 is the trailing unit on a Mopac freight somewhere on the MP?? Sorry.
MKT SD40-2 608 rests at the Mopacs Vandaventer Ave Diesel facility at St.Louis Missouri in March of 1990.
MKT 108 leads a transfer through downtown Kansas City Missouri in July
of 1990.
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