VF-154 Photo Gallery

Crew Members

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1961-62 AE Shop. (l-r)
Islele Eddinger, Terry Catlin,
Dave Mahan, Rodney Gonzalez

F8 Plane Captains 1964-65 (l-r on rail) Dodd, Linstrom, Ingalls, Nehlich, Rondeau

Randy Kelso AQF2

VF-154 F8 Pilots, 1961-62
George White and GM Littlefield

Tom Ingalls and Ernie Nehlich,

(l-r) KJ Jackson, DG Stanfield,
Ltjg Gary Pyles, 1961-62

Allan Mathews ADJ3
Post Navy days photo

Tom Ingalls AQF3, 1964 . Our four hour!! port call at Subic Bay

Rodney Gonzalez AE2
1961-62 Cruise


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