Our Officers

Our Vice President and Chaplain: Krystal Lathrop

Krystal has been a member of our unit for several years. Even though she is twelve (12), Krystal has been active in all of our activities. She has volunteered her spare time at local nursing homes and has shown her support of the American Legion Auxiliary by particpating in all of our fundraisers including bakes sales, Bowl-a-thons, Coat Drives, Book Drives and more.

Krystal not only holds the Vice President and Chaplain offices at Unit level and is on the Child and Youth Committee for 7th District, but has also been our Poppy Princess and Unit Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain and Historian.

Our Secretary and Historian: Tia Spencer

Tia Spencer is a new member who is taking the American Legion Junior Auxiliary by the horns. Intelligent and dedicated, Tia has taken the offices of Secretary and Historian, two of our most important offices.

Our Sargent-at-Arms: Christina Lathrop

Christina or Chrissy as she is known is our current Sergeant-at-Arms and current Child and Youth Committee Member for 7th District. She has been a Past Junior President and Poppy Princess.

Chrissy has participated in many fundraisers and community service projects as well as giving a smile to everyone around. This happy spirited sixteen (16) year old has been the belle of the ball at most of our Child and Youth parties as she has welcomed every member and guest with open arms.

She has taken part in many parades, voulunteered at local nursing homes, shopped with our Veterans and worked our Monthly dinners.

*** A Special Note ***

Each one of our officers and members are special girls. They take time from their busy schedules of academics, sports, jobs and other activites to support the world's larget womens' oraginzation. Without these girls, our organization could face demise. I urge each Senior Member who visits our site to get to know your Juniors and help them along the way.

Our programs, committies and reports will mean nothing if there is no one to carry on the work we have just begun. Our survival and legacy will depend upon these girls that we call Juniors. And I know that in the few years that I have had the chance to work with them, that I have learned so much more and have laughed, cried and even been taught more than sitting in any meeting.

Please take the time from your busy schedules. Even if you only have one (1) who is interested, feed and nurture that interest. Who knows, you may be teaching our future National President.

Michelle Lathrop
Wayne County Junior Activities
2nd Vice, August Maur Unit #286
Junior Activites, August Maur Unit #286

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