Our Juniors here at August Maur Unit #286 have a special interest in beautifying our community and making it a safer place for their peers. In recognition of this, they have created a group called "American Legion Auxiliary Community Helpers" or ALACH for short.

In this committee, our girls go out into the community and do spring clean-up, take care of forgotten gravesites and anything that helps our community look it's best. Our first meeting will be on April 7th at Wide Waters Park in Newark, NY at 1pm.

With the help of local youth, our Juniors will be assisted by adult volunteers in cleaning up the public park. ALACH is a non-profit organization committee, but we do however take donations of supplies.

One such Sponsor is M&M Enterprises, who has provided our Juniors and volunteers with vests to make them more visible and easy to recognize. These kids do not get paid to do this job, they do this on their own because they love they're community.

The supplies we need desperately are listed below:

Thank you for your interest in ALACH. There will be more information posted soon.

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