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The Divine Mistress Jades 
awaits your lowly, humble slave service.

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FREE Email Slave 
Training PROGRAM

Only the humble, lowly, and most groveling slaves need apply!
All others - Don't waste my fucking time!

This is a free E-mail Slave Training Program which is open to any and all genuine submissive males who have a true desire to learn from the one and only; Divine Mistress  Jades.

Unlike some email training programs, MINE is NOT automated or run on an mailing list. Each email is written by ME personally, including the reports that you will receive after each Lesson. As a result not every application is accepted - I am only interested in investing My valuable time in genuine submissive slaves who have real potential and desire to submit to a strong, dominant, and beautiful Mistress!

This is NOT a game, it is not an exercise for those who are not genuine in their desire to be submissive. I expect total compliance at all times. You are a pathetic slave and in time you will become a TRAINED pathetic slave.

If during your training you demonstrate that you are truly exceptional, it is possible that you may earn the ultimate honor of serving Me in person once your training is completed. This ultimate honor should be your goal and should motivate you to perform to the highest level during your training.

My training program will take you on a journey into total submission. You will learn new skills, encounter new experiences, try things that you have never tried before - all in the pursuit of pleasing Me, your Supreme Goddess.

If I choose to grant you the honor of being admitted to MY personal e-mail training program you will follow
My Strict Guidelines, and obey MY every command.   As a humble slave you will be expected to show your appreciation, devotion and complete submission by giving ME Tokens of Appreciation.  It does not matter if you are rich or poor - you will demonstrate your appreciation to the level that you are able to afford.  Though it should be noted that how you show your appreciation directly influences the attention you will receive in your training from ME.  


To apply for admittance to become MY lowly, humble slave in training, you must send ME a detailed and respectful email, explaining why you believe I should invest MY time and effort in training you.  

You should provide a detailed description of yourself to include; your age, location, profession, marital status, and a brief outline of one of your most prominent FemDomme fantasies.  Also include a photograph if you are able, this is not to include any nudity, or your pathetic cock.   All disrespectful emails and "one liners" will simply be ignored. If you are unable to display proper respect I have no use for you.  Do I make myself clear?

Well what are you waiting for you lowly fuck?
 Send your e-mail application NOW! 

Anxious to get started on your training? 
Call me here NOW!

You don't know ME yet... Oh, but when you do, I will make you weep for more!

So what are you waiting for?

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The Divine Mistress Jades

... I'll whip your humble ass into oblivion!

This site is dedicated to those interested in Female Supremacy Domination, Femdom, male slave submission and BDSM. The Mistress / slave relationship is based on domination of the submissive male by a Superior Goddess Dominatrix.  Topics covered for discussion and in slave training can include CBT (cock and ball torture), spanking, caning, whipping, riding crops, canes, paddles and whips, crossdressing, transvestites, forced feminization, chastity devices and belts, high heels, PVC, leather, rubber, bondage, chains, handcuffs, belts, boots, stockings, shoes, lingerie, pain, torture, sadism, masochism, enslavement, piercing, branding, tattoo, nipple torture and nipple clamps, shoe fetish and worship, foot fetish and worship, dildo, butt plug and vibrators, ass play, fisting, orgasm deprivation and orgasm control, sensory deprivation, cage, money slavery, financial enslavement, foot worship, devotion, submission, enslavement, ownership, hoods, masks, blindfolds, gags and ball gags, restraints and cages, dungeons, face sitting, email slave training and more.

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