Quarter Pole
We wish to make Quarterpole enjoyable for all, so please abide by these rules so that we can make everybody feel more comfortable in the game.

Barn Rules:
We encourage everybody to make their own farm. You are welcome to board at farms with allow boarders, but it is much more enjoyable for you if you own your own racing stable. There is no limit to how many horses you can own, just make is reasonable. You are welcome to make up trainers, or you yourself can be the trainer. Jockies are allowed to be real, or fictional.

We ask that you don't take stables out of books, although you are welcome to if you wish to do so.  If you do, don't expect your stable to be the best, like they are in the books. Races are run at randome, and we can not help that the horses, who are champions in the books, don't finish first.

Please make your farm realistic. Not many stables house 1000 horses. Keep it simple, you can always add on if you are in desperate need to.

Horse Rules
You are welcome to make up as many horses as you wish. In our section entitled
Horses, there will be a names book. No two race horses can have the same name, so look in the names book before you decide to join with that horse.

Horses must also be listed with a tatoo number to be able to race, or breed. You can do this at the
Equine Registry.

Common Courtesy
We ask that members do not use racial slurs, or any other form of disrespect to other players. This game is focused around horses, there is no need for a gender, race or religion barrier to be forced between any members. Please keep this in mind.  Remember that some things are better left unsaid. If you are a relious person, keep your feeling and beliefs to yourself, as we want everybody to feel welcome, we do not wish to have a religion war. You are welcome to place your bliefs on a seperate page or link to your pages, but please don't shout it out to the game.

Think About Things

Don't just jump into anything. Think logically about them. More horses cost more money, remember that. You will need to pay their bills and such. In average, to train a race horse it will cost you $500 a month.
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