Quarter Pole
When you register your horses into Quarterpole, they are immediatly registered into here, the Equine Directory. This is where your horse will get their tatoo. If you buy a horse, which was previously owned by another member, fill out a join farm again but state that you have purchased the horse from somebody. If you have bought the horse from the Horses For Sale page, just register is like you would normally register a horse.

The tatoo number will resemble this:

99 stands for the year it was born, in this case the horse was born in 1999. 001 stands for what number your horse was when it was registered. This can range from 001 to as many horses who are registered in that year.

Even horses being used for breeding need to have a tatoo number, so register all horses.

Tatoo Numbers

2000 Numbers

1999 Numbers

1998 Numbers

1997 Numbers

1996 Numbers
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