Welcome To Quarterpole, this is a SIM horse game focusing on horse racing. Being a SIM game, this is not to be taken seriously at any point in time, please be aware of that.

*~* Last Updated, October 28/2000

* Results posted for QPD!

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Horse Country today! Unfortanetly a sudden move has forced QP to close down on November 1st. Stick with the action, and join Horse Country.

* New Member! Welcome to Quarter Pole Meaghan!

* Results Posted for maiden Day! Check QPD!

* It's Breeders Cup Time! Enter your horses in the races. You can find information at River View Downs (go through the Race Track Directory) and click on the Breeders Cup 2000 link, and you're there! These are going to be awsome.

We got the background the
The Exceller Fund Webpage! Take a look at the Exceller Fund, it's a wonderful organization dedicated to those racers who can no longer run. Read about Exceller, and what happened to the only horse to ever beat TWO triple crown winners.
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