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Welcome to Al-Kuwait By Naser

Hello! Welcome to my web-site, on my country The State of Kuwait. Let me introduce myself my name is Naser and I am a Mechanical Engineer in Kuwait. I graduated from Gannon University, in Erie Pennsylvania, United States.

Now let me tell you a little bit about my beloved country. Kuwait is a small, beautiful country in the Arabian Gulf. Our neighbors are Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwaits history has been transmitted from generations of verbal tales and songs, about the Sea Divers who would spend months at time out to sea, the harsh desert life and keeping Kuwait Independent.

The State of Kuwait, was not its original name, "Qurain" or "Grane" was the name in the early 17th century. Started by the Bani Khalid tribe. Then in the mid 18th century a Danish traveler, C. Neibuhr, had made a map of "Qurain". It became known as Kuwait after the second family that took control, the Bin Sabah.

The climate in Kuwait is hot and dry, with long summers. During the summer month's dust storms will occur with the rise of humidity. Winters are relatively short and mild. Spring, is also brief, very nice if it had rained during the winter.








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