Gagnant du tournois : Of Noble Blood - 2003
Deck : Bleed you,Bleed me ...
Par : André Brun

Les vamps :
Gratiano, Lasombra, DOM, OBT, pot, obf 8
Lucita , Lasombra, cel, pot, DOM,FOR,OBT, 8
Ignacio, LAsombra, dom, obt, pot, 4
Bartholomew Kyasid, dom, obt,AUS,MYT,NEC,8 (X2)
Julia Prima Kyasid, aus,myt,DOM,OBT, 7 (X2)
Marconius Kyasid, pot,MYT,OBT,DOM, 9 (X2)
Kassiym Kyasid, dom,for,OBT,MYT, 6 (X2)
Béatrice Kyasid, aus,dom,nec,MYT

La Librairie
Master : 16
Dominate Dreams of the Sphinx
Sudden Reversal Info . Highway
Minion Tap (X3) Blood Doll (X3)
Secure Haven The Barens
Slave Auction Fame
Golconda Dummy Corp.

Actions : 8
Computer hacking (X2) Govern The Unagligned (X2)
Dominate Kine Riddle the Phantastique
Steal the mind (x2)

Action Modif: 27
The Grandest Trick (X2) Shadow Play (X3)
Aura Absorbtion (X5) Stone Travel (X3)
ForeShadowing Destruc. (x2) Seduction (X5)
Threats Conditioning (X3) Command the beast (X2)

Combat: 21
Shadow Strike (X2) Arms Of the Abyss (X4) Oubliette (X2)
Darkness Within (X3) Earth Sword (X5) Dodge (X1)
Absorbs the mind (X4)

Reaction: 17
W.W.E.F (X3) Forced Awake (X4) Delaying Tactics (X1)
Folderol (X3) Darksight (X2) Deflection (X4)

Weapon: 1
Blow Torch
Total 90 cards
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