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Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be terrifying, you may feel very confused. If you are looking for answers, you've come to the right place! This site is full of helpful information and links to resources. Please take the time to thoroughly investigate your options. In a time when your emotions are running wild, it helps to dig deep for information, advice, and support. So many questions may be going through your mind....What about my education? What about my career? Can I do this alone? How can I afford a child? Give yourself time to seek solutions. You are invited to visit the Unplanned Pregnancy Advice Board. Many of the women who post there have been through difficult pregnancy situations and are very understanding.
Unplanned Pregnancy Advice Board

If you'd like to get a glimps of what it might be like to end a pregnancy, please read the true stories from women who chose to abort. Also, read the stories from women who chose to continue their unplanned pregnancy.
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The Team at Pregnancy Help Now will be happy to talk with you one on one through e-mail. We will help you locate resources, give you support and encouragement, and just be there to listen.
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