Welcome to my world.

Hello, my name is Alyse Danielle. I was born on May 7th the year 2000! Mommy tells me that makes me a MI-LL-EN-IUM baby. Right now I am only 3 months old. My Auntie Rae decided to help my Mommy build this page for me, since mommy isn't too good with html. Mommy and daddy aren't together any more. Mommy says its for the best anyway, because she is doing just fine without him here.

When I was born I was only 6 pounds and 2 and a half ounces. I love to sleep during the day, and sometimes keep mommy up at night! Hee Hee. Want to know something cool? Mommy and Auntie Rae are 13 months apart. And my cousin Candace and I are 11 months apart! I thought that was neat.

My cousin Candace was born with a birthmark called a Congenital Hairy Nevus. It doesn't hurt her, it doesn't hurt me, and most important it won't hurt you either! I love my cousin CeeCee. She is 14 months old now! Boy does time fly.

Don't forget to Email mommy and tell her what you think of my page Send us your Email

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