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The team is composed of enthusiastic, efficient and professional guides who have been working in South America for more than ten years.



The unparalleled diversity of the Andean region enables us to offer travelers an extraordinarily varied range of options.



Thanks to our unique natural and cultural heritage, we can help you to journey from colonial cities to remote Andean villages, Pacific island wildlife reserves, the remains of ancient cultures and tropical Amazon forests.



Peru the most incredible destination in South America. Visit Peruvian highlight cities: the Nazca lines and the oldest civilization in the Americas.  When you think of Peru, do you imagine visiting the Incan Imperial City of Cusco, walking the Inca Trail, or experiencing the mysteries of the New Seven Wonders of the World Machu Picchu? We have an extremely diverse country with beautiful beaches, trekking through the Andes [Salkantay trek, Ausangate trek, Choquequirao trek, etc.], cycling to sacred valley of the Incas, or watching incredible condors in the Colca canyon near Arequipa, and Titicaca Lake in Puno.

We have in Peru one of the largest areas of tropical jungle in the world, the Amazon.



There you can observe:

·         monkeys,

·         butterflies,

·         pink dolphins,

·         native Indians and an array of exotic animals.

Or perhaps you might want to spend time in the Andes, where Quechua natives dress in bright hand-woven garments and still walk their herds of llamas to graze on the mountain sides as they have for thousands of years.

Peru offers its visitors a unique mixture of historical wonders with modern infrastructure and facilities…

in a safe and prosperous environment for a great vacation destination.


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