Love Books

Love Books is a joyous book about the passion and the joy of books that allows the artist, Andi McGarry, to exude about how books are a binding device to relationships as well-- a book that is painterly and leaps across double spreads with color, rhythm and placement-- oh what a joy this book is-- with a tinge of sadness and yet the door is open to new relationships, with the love of books as a key. Each book is hand painted-- and a beautiful gift to yourself or to someone dear. You who love books will gravitate to Love Books with the leaping joy of one in love.

Umbrella, vol.20, no.1 (Jan '97)





Just for the Hell of it and The Brave Sole

Andi McGarry's hand made Sun, Moon and Stars books used to be produced at his home in Gateshead but he's now moved to Ireland and has renewed his activities with two new editions. As usual, these consist of simple though engaging stories, featuring lively gauche drawings accompanied by hand written text. Although the size of the editions isn't mentioned, these never exceed 50 as each copy is individually drawn. Just for the Hell of it is an exuberant account of a boy and girl bumping into each other on a beach, with the pages evoking different stages of approach, meeting and separation.

The Brave Sole traces the journey of an adventurous flat fish who breaks away from life at the bottom to explore the surface of the sea.

Artists Newsletter. August 1991


Lundy Island Log and To The Blasketts

Two more of Andi McGarry's entirely handmade books continuing his genial ongoing saga of adventures with the sea. These two explore the different island experiences to be had on Lundy and the Blasketts, and unlike some of the other books have no linking narrative but thread together evocative sights and episodes. The coloured ink drawings are vibrant and the hand-written text is sparse as always. Lundy features nude sunbathing, birds, waves, coastguards' drill and a lively map. In To The Blaskets black ink is introduced to add more linear detail to the glowing colour and there are some very engaging images including aerial views and a more sedate map.

Artists Newsletter. Nov '96

The Yellow Butterfly / The Final Party / The Man Who Lost His Sense of Humour

The three books from Andi McGarry are lyrical, hand-painted snippets which sometimes slide into the fey but mostly convey a somewhat dreamy joie de vivre. They are made simply, using a computer type face with pages stapled together and their low price implies a philosophy which the sociable, mild texts seem to bear out. Their attraction lies mainly in the paintings, which are fresh and low-key and maintain a lighter touch than the writing.


Art Monthly March 1992

Trials of the Unseasoned Mariner: Seven Boat Books.

Set of Seven books representing a new departure for Andi McGarry. Apart from making his familiar hand made books with colourful drawings and whimsical tales, he's been building boats with similar characteristics for the past ten years. These traditional coracles with willow or ash frames, covered in polythene, rubber sheeting or canvas have gone on voyages of varying length, from a third of a mile to 11 miles. The books include photographs, hand drawn maps, vivid ink drawings and accounts of the voyages. Some boats, launched on the River Tyne, were made as projects with teenagers, one with a group from the Meadowell estate, North Shields. These are delightful books evoking authentic New Age adventure. Varying number of pages, from 20-34, colour photos and drawings throughout in an edition of not more than 100 sets.

Artists Newsletter. 1995


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