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First, there was GRAYSTAR..  We got him from the "Adoption Center" when he was very young.  My husband said he could stay in the house "until he got old enough" to go outside.  (lol).
Graystar is playful, loving, protective of his family (scroll down) and very, very cuddly.  Oh - and did I mention magnificantly beautiful?




Next, came SNOWSTAR.  I guess you've figured out by now that Graystar worked his charm to get his place inside the house!  He also convinced us to drive 200+ miles to the Petsmart in another state to get his new friend!  Well, that and I got kitty fever again!
As I told you, he was quite protective even from the start!
Snowstar has grown into quite the young lady.  She is so beautiful to me.
EXCEPT for the time she...
got into my fireplace and rolled in the soot!  It took me FOREVER to get her clean!
Next, came MISATO.  He is the orange one.  He's the one we call "street urchin".  We got him from the "Adoption Center" too.  He was a little older (but still a kitten); and we suspect he was rescued from the street because of the way he begs for table scraps and runs when he gets them!
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