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Can you guess my dogs' favorite activity???

Shar-Pei Slumber Party

Bonnet's all blue & lilac litter, taking lessons on relaxing from my other Shar-Pei!

This is a picture of the worlds only two headed Shar-Pei ;-)

Best Friends!

"One of these dogs is not like the others"

"One of these dogs is not the same"

"Find which dog is not like the others"

"That is how we play our game"

My daughter, Michaiah, and her dog "Sluggo" taking a nap on the couch!

Some of my dogs taking a nap on the couch together!
Can you find all six dogs in both pictures???

Mintcreek Rambunctious Red ("Rambo") in one of his less rambunctious moments being a Rambo blob!

Mintcreek Od'd On Perfection ("Odie") during one of his more relaxed moments!

Odie & his sister relaxing!

Puppies all loaded up and ready to take the potty train out to potty!

One of our pups taking a snooze!

I have heard of breakfast in bed, but bed in breakfast???????

Keebler getting comfy and keeping his rear warm while Maggie naps!

Alpha Mntcrk Magila Gogorila (Maggie) with her head stuck in the lion's head!

Lump of wrinkles Mintcreek Keebler Kracker ("Keebler") taking his nap!

Jim and Sado's Frodo Baggins ("Frodo") sharing at dinnertime!

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